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Why Academic Writing Sites Are Gaining Popularity

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The internet with information and technology enables various platforms through which people can make a living online. For instance, academic writing websites provide a source of income for many people worldwide. These are websites for freelance academic writers. Academic writing encompasses research, writing term papers, dissertations, and other essays presented.

Academic writing sites offer writers academic writing jobs in various topics that will help them earn a decent income online. Some of the best academic writing sites having a steady flow of assignments in several disciplines offer better rates for their writers. In addition, they allow for flexibility. A writer is in charge of their schedule. They can pick a particular job that they can deliver before the deadline and matches their skills.

To succeed as an academic writer, one should pursue academic writing jobs that align with their experiences, schedule, and offer decent pay. Nonetheless, not many websites are noticeable concerning proposing a continuous flow of orders and better remuneration to its writers. Generally, academic writing websites pay more than most writing engagements.

A Conclusive Guide to Becoming a Professional Academic Writer

For a project to be successful, every activity has to be done thoroughly. An illustration, while constructing a house, first you must lay the foundation, then erect the walls, then the roofs, and then you wind up with furnishing.

Consequently, for one to become a professional academic writer, you have to take an organized approach;

  • Preparation phase

Preparation is a significant feature in writing. Read the question/instructions keenly and ensure you understand them. One should be able to highlight the following:

  • Type of paper e.g research paper
  • Subject – topic to discuss
  • Number of pages and number of words to write
  • Citation format (these include Havard, APA, MLA, and Chicago)
  • Number of cited sources

Research what you are going to write: it is the core of the preparation stage. The internet makes it easy to research the lot nowadays.

Lastly, create an outline from the research you conducted. That is the final step in the preparation phase – quick organization before writing.

  • Writing phase

If one prepares well, then writing will be stress-free. Use the outline you made during preparation. If you find that there is information missing, one can either research immediately or finish writing then look for the missing piece afterward.

  • Referencing and Proofreading phase

This last section is about finalizing the written piece. Add citations or references as instructed in the assignment. In academia, do not use references that are more than five years old. They are considered outdated. Additionally, references are specific to a given citation style.

There are principles to follow with regards to referencing:

  • All references defined must be cited within the body at least once.
  • In-text citations should not be on the opening statement of a paragraph.
  • In-text citations should not be in the closing statement.  
  • In-text citation differs depending on the citation style implemented.

This final stage is critical. No matter how good your writing stands if you have a few grammatical blunders the client will reject your work.

Check over your work rectifying obvious syntax errors. One should never skip this step. Use grammar tools available for perfection.

While formatting the paper, there are two sets of instructions that one ought to follow. General rules applying to all academic articles. Secondly, the set of instructions specific to a given formatting style. Start with guidelines based on the referencing style of a given paper. Finally, apply the general guidelines:

  1. The font should be Times New Roman
  2. The font size must be 12px.
  3. Use double spacing unless otherwise instructed.
  4. Order the reference section alphabetically in descending order.
  5. The reference section of each paper should have a hanging indentation of 0.5 inches same as 1.27cm.

Just like that, you have a complete and comprehensive paper you can submit.

Academic writing websites improve persons’ welfare by providing job opportunities and offer a platform for developing writing skills and increasing knowledge.


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