Writing creek is a platform for all freelancers especially the academic writers. Writing creek enables them to get their relevant writing jobs in all fields of Education.

This enables them to even improve in their career as they will definitely write jobs articles as they maybe work in this improving their knowledge about the job due to its deep research daily.


Enables a continuous growth of your career. This is due to a deep research of your relevant career when writing the articles.

Simple application process. This means that for you to become a writer here, you do not require so many things for you to be assigned jobs.

It has a big range of subjects and disciplines. Thus giving writers an added advantage of choosing the discipline that is based on his/her career

Payments are frequently done. Payments is done freely for twice per month. This ensures steady flow of income from writers.

Work is always available. This provides the writers with a constant income as they are earning daily. In Kenya, this helps the educated youths without job to use their skills in Writing this academic articles.

Employment is transparent. This helps many youths in Kenya and other parts of the world to be employed.

How to create an account

For you to begin earning with a period of 3 days, you need to follow the following processes.

Skills survey. This is where you are required to write the skills that you are best in. You choose among the given field. 

Qualifications test. This is where you are given the tests on the field you chose above to see whether you are qualified to do and receive work in that field.

Sample essay. This is where you send sample articles of what you have done. This is a kind of clarification that you can write good articles.

Id verification. This is the last process where you are required to verify your id to prove that you are not using fraud or someone else Id.


Writing creek team or organization tends to believe that before you apply you must have the following;

You must have good communication skills.

Good knowledge and you are efficient in the area that you are to be assigned.

You must have the ability to do a research on the article given.

Your level of english must be advanced.

Your must be able to write an original content. .

Bidding process

Log in and choose the articles present.

When you see a relevant order, apply it and begin communicating with the client.

Clarify on your order and start working on it.

Finish by submitting the order and get paid.

It has a star rating of 2.4 stars from about 16 reviews.  This mshows that people are not satisfied with it.


Writing creek is a good place for academic writers as payments are good. Starters are paid about $4 per page while the experts or those with experience are paid about $18 per page.

This is a good pay in Kenya as per week or month you can write many pages thus increasing your monthly income. I would encourage the academic writers to try on this platft as it is legit and they will definitely leap good fruits on it.


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