Harvard writing style is a formatting style commonly used in academic paper writing. This style dictates or shows how your paper will be structured in terms of the writing paper format, preferred font, marginal size, and others. Harvard Writing style is governed by a set of rules that governs the citing of the resources both in the reference and the main text.

Areas where Harvard referencing is used mostly.

Behavioral sciences.



These are just the main areas but this doesn’t mean that you cannot use the format in other areas. Therefore it can be used in other areas and fields too.

Rules or Guidelines for paper formatting.

create a one-inch margin.

Between two words or lines, ensure your space twice or in simple terms double-space them.

Align your text towards the left.

0.5″ identifys the beginning line in each paragraph.

The title should be written at the middle of the page. Before the text.

Indicate page numbers as well as headers.

You may include the subheadings in the page paper, a plan or an outline, title page and references.

The format of the title page

It should be written in capitals. Also, you should center the title on your first page about a third way down that page.

 Center your name and place it about a half down.

Place your course number and your centered name at approximately two-thirds down. Write your professor’s name in the following line. The line below it, write your university’s name. And then the date on the other line.

Page numbers, titles, and headers

Your title should be centered on your page. Ensure that you use capital letters to write it.  Avoid writing it in bold, italics, or any other way.  You should write it in a major way.

On the right top corner of that page, indicate the page number.

Before writing the page number, write your name.

The subheadings

They tend to figure the paper into various parts.

Level 1 headings. They divide the paper into parts or sections. They are written similarly to the title.  Capitalized and Self-centered.

Level 2. They are capitalized but written on the left side. Write them in italics manner. After these subheadings, you can start writing or typing your purpose or your content.

Reference list

This is a list indicating all the sources and where you referred to when writing. This list includes information like the publication date, author’s name, source title and some other relevant information. However, a reference list must contain the following.

Written in its own sheet and structured at the end of the sheet.

Be alphabetically organized.

Ensure the lines are doubly spaced. 

Must contain full references for the texts used.


Harvard Writing style is a style that I would like to recommend you to use when writing a professional text.  This style is always referred to by many people thus it is common. It being common, shows that every person or majority will be in a position to understand your text and reward you the application. It is also simple and it does not require much time for you to structure it.


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