In this sample of report writing, what is more important is the format that you will use to structure your own report.  In the sample, the content is basically irrelevant but the format must be followed therefore my aim is just to add your report writing skills. Samples of report writing are even written in academics where students are required to structure a report over a given topic and assume that they have done it.

In this article, I will go step by step in Writing reports.


A good sample of report Writing must contain the following basics;

Title.  The title includes the author’s name and the date when the report was prepared.

Introduction. This is a brief description of your title. You tell us why you have written the report, define some meaning of terms that you will use and also any other relevant information that you are going to describe in the report.

Body. This is the most important part in your report. You fully describe all what your report entails. You must be clear and only give relevant information. 

Conclusion. After any Writing, it comes the conclusion showing that you have finished your writing. Put everything together and give the best conclusion.

Recommendations. This is where you give out your opinions.  Maybe you saw something that  needs to be corrected.  You write it in this recommendations section.

Appendices. This is where you support your conclusions.

Summary. This is written to show all your highlights in the body. Skimmers tend to read this section most so it is important to polish on it.

Tips to write a good report.

Use names and pronouns like I, she, he, it, you and others.

Make sure that each an every sentence, one idea is portrayed otherwise you will be disqualified because of mixing ideas in a sentence.  Avoid it.

Be clear and hit directly to the specific point. This will help the one reading your report to take short time and avoid struggling to get what you are trying to mean.

The language you are using must be simple. This will make it more effective as the reader will not struggle searching for meaning of your words.

Only stick to the facts that can be observed. This will help  your report to be self explanatory as the reader can also see that the facts in the report in real life senses

Write your report in paragraph form and don’t forget that each paragraph must contain a specific idea.

Use an active voice.  Avoid using a passive voice.

Use a bullet style.  Like for example, she told me:

Elements of a report

Description of how all things and events occurred.

Interpretation of the events.

Your reports results should be evaluated.

Future expectations.




A report can be academically or officially write according to who is writing and the purpose of Writing it.

In the summary of report writing above, I have described on the key notes in report writing. Always observe that your report sticks to the above notes.


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