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Minutes are the official records of a meeting. In Kenya, It is written in organizations or groups.  They shows the schedule of the meeting and what they previously did. In Minutes writing, past tense is used and the language used must be simple. Minutes writing is common to all meetings.

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Tips in minutes Writing

A template is used.

Always check the attendees as they are arriving at the meeting.

Introductions are required to be done but if time is limited, you can give out the attendance list to be circulated.

Make sure you record every occuring activity; decisions, motions and actions.

Where necessary, ask clarifications.

Write very brief but clear sentences.

Steps to follow

Pre-planning- This is where you plan the event, venue and what you are going to discuss or the agendas.  It is done few weeks before the meeting.

Record taking- In this, you take records of the things that you are discussing during pre planning.  This will help you to come up with a clear knowledge of how your agendas will look like

Writing minutes- This is the action you take after pre-planning- discussion. You compile your records to come up with the meeting agendas.

Sharing of the minutes- make sure that every member of the meeting is able to access those meetings. This will give them both knowledge and understanding of what they are going to discuss in the meeting. It can also help them gather more information on the agendas.

Filing minutes so that you can refer to them in future. This is because an argument can raiseyou can refer to them to settle the argument.

How to write efficient meeting in Kenya

For you to write a very efficient meeting, the following must be included in this writing order.

The subject- I can refer to this as also the meeting title. The subject leads the meeting, it  indicates the organization name, date, the venue that the meeting was held at and the time that the meeting started and will end.

Participants names- After the subject, you must write the names of the people who are present in that meeting. You must record every person as he/she enters the room.

Absentees names. This are the names of the people who failed to attend that meeting totally.

Name of those who are absent with an apology- This are the names of those people who could attend the meeting but due to various reasons, they were not able to attend it. This people send apologies to the members or leaders .

Previous meetings- it is a highlight of what was previously done.


Matters arising

The due date

AOB- This anything that is a concern to members but it is not included in the agenda.  Therefore it is discussed I the Any other business session.


In Kenya or any other part of the world, minutes  Writing is very essential in a meetings-. Secretaries are assigned that part.  No meeting is always carried out without a minute therefore you should learn to write minutes as they will of great help to you due to record keeping.


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