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Facts About Online Academic Writing Jobs


Academic writing involves writing factual scholarly journals, articles, and reports on research. Online academic writing gains popularity every day with people working from home and the internet providing fast and effective communication.

Academic writing demands intellect rather than manual labor because it can be done by anyone competent and has a reliable internet connection. Fellows looking for something exciting and financially rewarding ought to take up online academic writing jobs. There are lots of people around the world who earn decently from writing research papers and scholarly essays.

There are four main types of academic writing, each having specific language features and purposes:

  • Descriptive writing

It is informative; provides facts to a reader. An instance is a summary of an article or a report of research conducted.

  • Analytical writing

Most academic writing pieces are analytical. Analytical writing includes comparison and investigations. Analyzes a topic for a reader to get a different outlook.

  • Persuasive writing

It is argumentative and compelling: applied in essays where one convinces the reader to adopt a stance. It can be an endorsement, interpretation of findings, or evaluation of another person’s work. One must support assertions made using tangible evidence such as a reference to legit published sources.

  • Critical writing

Often employed in research, postgraduate, and advanced undergraduate writing. Critical writing reveals a writer’s solid understanding of a topic. One must possess superb writing skills and strive to understand the topic comprehensively.

Developing your writing competence is vital in academic writing. You need to appreciate the different types of academic writing one ought to employ.

Handy tips for anyone taking up online academic writing jobs

  1. Create a professional workspace. It is fun to work from home. However, this convenience can pose a threat to one’s professional success – laziness. Therefore, find a room you can use solely for writing. Choose the most productive time of the day and work at that time. Also, set a routine and follow through.
  2. Research then write the document. Extensive research is essential. Read about the subject matter to write or gather information from the internet. Carelessness shows that you are unreliable – you lose your clientele.
  3. Achieving the clients’ requirements is the core mantra of any business. Focus on your clients; try to comprehend what they ask for and create content as instructed. That affords one credibility and more business.
  4. Always fulfill commitments as an online academic writer. Meet deadlines and submit quality work. Submitting assignments after the set timelines will impact your writing career negatively.
  5. Avoid Plagiarism. Clients pay you to deliver quality, original and creative content. Plagiarism is an unethical act that involves copying someone else’s work. It is also illegal to copy and paste the same lines without permission.
  6. Be selective with the tasks you take. Select jobs agreeing with your interests. Also, work with credible agencies.

Benefits of online academic writing jobs

The most important aspect of online writing jobs is that you’re responsible for your financial success. The following benefits illustrate why these are worthwhile;

  • Independence. You work remotely – you choose your workspace and work hours too.
  • Cost-effective. You save a lot of time and money one would use to commute between the office and home.
  • You can choose the tasks you want.
  • You have time for family, exercising, and rest.
  • You have complete control of your income. 


Nowadays, the demand for online academic writing is increasing. People are tired of working long hours and they want to control their time and finances. To venture into online writing, make sure you have a good internet connection and a passion for writing.

These academic writing jobs consist of the following aspects:

  • Comprehensive research
  • Exceptional writing skills
  • Superb command of a language
  • Precision and being objective
  • Time-management skills
  • Preparation and organization

Online academic writing jobs are ideal for people who can work without limitations.


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