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Writing A Report

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Writing a report- It is giving an account of an occurrence, something that you have heard, observed, investigated, or done. In this report writing process you have to split it into parts and this parts it’s not everything you just write there. Instead, you should be precise and your information should be well organized. The facts should be in a systematic manner.

Here I have the procedure;

Procedure of writing a report

In report writing, there is a procedure in which you should follow to come with a well-organized, touching and easily understood report. Here is the procedure.

  1. Title of the report

In this title section, the writer should indicate the name of the company, association, or the name of the group under discussion. Also he or she should indicate the venue at which the group was held, time and date.

  • Summary section

Summary section, is the section where the writer should give the parts that he or she is going to talk about. It is here where major points, conclusion of the report, and recommendations. It is the overview of the whole report. Mostly, the summary should be written at the end so that you may be able to include all points that you may have been forgotten.

  • Conclusion

At this section, you are required to put everything together. Where one should be very clear and free from any drama as most teachers, lectures, and people will consider reading the conclusion part than the body.

4)  Recommendations

This is the section that the writer has to give out the solutions of the problems discussed at the body section and they should appear in terms of the most suitable solution to the least one.

Points that help you to score high marks in report writing

Below have got some points that will help you earn higher score than others.

  1. Make use of short and straightforward sentences.

The main importance of short sentences is they are easily understandable and most likely to be errors free. But, long sentences are most likely to have errors and their meaning some times it’s not clear.

  • Use pronouns like; I, her, or he and also names while writing your report.

This pronouns helps the reader to get to the mood of the report and easily understand what the writer is trying to say. Mentioning names of members in the report shows that so and so said this and that. This pronouns show that it’s an active voice and most importantly it’s indicates that the writer is sure on what he or she is taking about.

  • Present your report in paragraphs

Having a well-organized report is easier to read and not boring. Being logical is one of the things you as a writer you should put in mind.

  • Your facts should be clear and straightforward especially to observable facts.

You find that while writing a report there are those facts in case this report is taken to court. The magistrate will have a breakthrough of the report. For example;

Frank was looking after the cattle when they eat my crops.

This sentence is clear and to the point.

In conclusion, this article has clearly identified what you as a report writer the sections that your report should contain and also how to earn higher marks. In addition to this, the article has discussed some behaviors that you should put across by name not a pronoun.


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