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Why Focus on Online Writing Accounts in Kenya


Getting jobs in Kenya has is crucial.  Many youths, more so graduates, are looking for jobs to do.  However, some of them have turned to search for online writing accounts to do writing services.  There are two main categories of online writing accounts in Kenya. The accounts are categorized based on the type of services they offer; academic writing and article writing.

Academic Writing Accounts

Several academic writing accounts are available on the internet in Kenya.  Academic writing accounts mainly focus on delivering academically oriented services.  The services include essay writing, editing, business plans, thesis, book reviews, PowerPoint presentations, and proposals. The clients for such accounts usually are students at different levels of education, including high school, undergraduate, college, master’s, and Ph.D.

Academic writers in Kenya do extensive research on the specific assignments they handle and ensure that they deliver quality papers.  The quality of academic papers depends on originality, grammar, punctuation, time, format, and accuracy. Being an academic writer requires total sacrifice because the papers a writer handles have strict deadlines.  The strict deadlines result from the clients’ need to turn in their papers to their instructors.  Being an academic writer in Kenya also means that the writer shall be ready to get revisions on the work they have done for the clients’. However, the revisions are subject to a lack of adherence to the instructions by the writer.

Many graduates in Kenya are now getting refuge in academic writing. To get academic writing accounts, the individuals search for them on the internet, do extensive researches about the accounts, then apply for them.  The individuals wait for account approval and then start writing.  Most graduates start earning a living from the accounts, while others use them as part-time jobs.

Article Writing Accounts

There are several article-writing accounts in Kenya.  Article writing accounts in Kenya are available on the internet. Several youths in Kenya join these online writing accounts and start earning a living through them.  Someone may ask ‘how.’  It is so simple.  To be an article writer in Kenya, one needs to be familiar with different writing styles and types of articles.

An article is a piece of writing which targets a given audience.  The different types of articles include SEO, content, among others. The article writer in Kenya gets different types of topics, which address different motives.  The motives of the article’s topics may range from demystifying, informing or educating, promoting products or services, inspiring, among others. The clients for article writing accounts are primarily companies, news reports, and entrepreneurs.  The articles are published on online information websites, magazines, commercial blogs, newspapers, and more.  Article writing accounts allow writers to write guidelines, B2B communications, ads, handbooks, promotional emails, reports, and white papers.


Stop complaining that there are no jobs in Kenya. Instead, advance your skills of earning by joining any online writing accounts in Kenya.  You can work as a part-time writer or full-time writer.  The choice is in your hands.


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