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Types of Cursive Writing Styles


Cursive writing is a style of writing which has all connections of letters in a word. The interconnection provides a piece of the article with a beautiful appearance and pattern that taught attracts the eyes. This form of writing has been around for about one century and has been taught in many schools. We shall discuss how to come up with their cursive writing styles.

Types of cursive writing

There are various types of this form of writing. Most of the popular types are taught in schools with an abrupt illustration. In addition, you can survey the best type of cursive format for your child and students. Let’s zoom In on the types.

  1. Handwriting with no tears

This is designed to make letters more clear with the least consecutive flow strokes. The following format is more recommendable for teaching children is almost similar to typed letters such that, greater recognition and high clarity.

  • Zane-Bloser

Zane-Bloser entails manipulating letters that slant to the right side with hooks that are alike to those of D’Nealia’s letter format. Moreover, it has simplified capital letters. In grade school, many grew up using this style mainly when writing names.

3. New American Cursive

This is the easiest style to teach. Majorly, all letters are wrote while slanting a bit to the right. Complicated strokes are not added in writing there it becomes more easy. Compared to other styles it has no dilemma to left-handed people.

4. D’Nealian Handwriting

Compared to other styles there is a hooked tail that of another tail of next lette. To get more detailed information on this cursive style you have to zoom into D’Nealian articles since it is the base e of cursive writing. Here a writer needs to obtain continuous strokes which is achieved by jotting without raising a pen.

Tips to choose the best font for teaching.

A major factor that you should be keen to care about while teaching is the type of font to use. Getting the right font is a problem for many people mainly to get a readable font.

Here are tips that you can account for:

  1. Spacing- Spacing consideration is taken when you are using a text to train someone handwriting. Very few graphics and illustrations should be In large numbers. With this learner will be able to focus  on forms, letters and shapes. Font that is being should be simple and colourful to capture the interest of the learner. Choose a font that meets these requirements to ease teaching.
  2. Avoid using capitalization- Since the learner is not able to differentiate uppercase and lowercase letters capitalization ought to be avoided font that uses capitalization can hinder reading.
  3. Text legibility- in t s case letters and shapes have to be styled in a simple order to know whether a font is a simple zoom on the enclosed parts within letters. For, learners a font with larger X-heights is proposed since it is easy to read.

Moving towards the conclusion, learning cursive writing is easy regarding the font that the learner is being exposed to.

While teaching, you ought to use simple fonts to enhance understanding.


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