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Simple Perception on Essay Writing

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Essay writing is a dedicated part of writing that advances an impression or argument by elucidations, analysis, and indications.

It has been there for years globally not only in Kenya. Its total concepts can’t be put under the fixed measure. Due to its diversity and pluralization fields, many people may ask what essay writing is. The word essay means a piece of certain information about something which is along with the argument or view of the writer. Writing is noting down the information or the essay either on a paper or computerized gadget.

How to write an essay

Since an essay on a certain subject depends on the writer’s argument, it must include some analyzed information to support the arguments, clear indications of the arguments, and well defined and implemented interpretation. The type of essay depends on the subject to be discussed, the requirements of the course, and the level of the writer.

The process of writing an essay entails three main stages discussed as follows;


This involves doing thorough research, systematic analysis, and proper interpretation. The entire essay outline, flow, and thesis is done at this stage by first understanding the topic. The end of this stage is marked by appropriate planning on what to write.


 This stage involves putting down whatever the writer has prepared in the first stage. It has four main parts; The Heading, Introduction, Body, and Conclusion.

The introduction part defines the writer’s argument, evidence defending the argument is outlined in the main body, and conclusions on what should be done according to the writer of the essay are drawn in the conclusion part. The introduction should attract the reader’s attention since it sets the tone of the essay. The first sentence is called the hook and should create the reader’s curiosity. The body should carry many elaborations on the central statements.


In this stage, the writer scans his/her eyes over the already written essay to ensure its readiness. The content is well checked with the format and paragraph organization, spellings, and good grammar. All possible errors are identified and corrections are done. In case of plagiarism, referencing is done in this stage. The essay is ready.

Essay writing is a great concept to both able and non-experienced writers in Kenya and the entire world that requires much attention since every person needs its concept day in day out. I’m proud enough to know that many Universities and Colleges inKenyauphold the teaching of this great topic through offering assignments to present in essays and offering courses like Literature which ensure essay learning tips.

Some of the benefits of being equipped with this essay knowledge to include;

Develops one’s writing skills which are important requirements in any job qualifications.                   

Equips new knowledge through researches on given topics.   

Upholds one’s satisfaction of learning complex topics which he/she had no idea on.                                    Improves memory functioning of the writer and decreases symptomatology.

Verdicts and vocabulary of fluctuating complication are some of the assurances of effective writing, try to evade using the same words and expressions all over again. If you are asked to write on a certain specific title, then it’s better to stick to the same without changing the keyword.


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