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Online Jobs in Kenya

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Most countries to are currently enjoying well developed communication systems. This is has led an increased enrollment in online jobs. This is under the pressure of increasing the salary or the urge to curbe unemployment.

In this article, ww will focus on easy jobs online

The Most Easy Online Jobs in Kenya

a. Tutor

Among the most interesting jobs that are done virtually, tutoring stands to be the best. Not only because of the high payouts but also because it is an interesting job to do. In this case, one gets to tutor his or her best matter of concern and the payouts for this are amazing. Isn’t this a wonderful job to do incase you are jobless?

b. Writer

Most people are creative but they only apply this in educational matters so as to archive succes mean while they can àpply this knowledge online making them earn money.

In this case, if you are creative, then you should try and get connected to online writing where you stand a chance to utilise your creativity and finally end up earning awesomely.

c. Customer Service Representative

Most organizations and companies have got a lot of people to attend to. In this case, they require agents who can aid them virtually and make the customers go through various difficulties they are facing with an ease. In this level, one only works by replying to the customer’s emails, by maybe live chatting with them, or by answering their phone calls.

Shot of a female agent working in a call centre

d. Youtuber

This is another platform that offers easy online jobs in Kenya. It simply requires an individual to post a video. Working in this platform is interesting because it simply means growing your talent.

Opportunities derived from this site include content creation, working on music covers and making tutorials among other jobs. Working on musical covers means singing your best song using your own version which is different from the original. This means that the song will have new beats and a different tone plus a different voice which sums up to form an awesome presentation.

An individual is then paid when he or she uploads the video and different people view the video.

The creation of tutors means creating a video that explains certain concepts example, an individual may choose to teach people on beauty and he or she makes a video to show this.

Advantages of Online Jobs in Kenya

First and foremost, these jobs supplement most people’s salaries. These people are those who work and receive less salary which cannot cater their needs to their satisfaction. They are forced to work online at extra hours to boost their salaries.

Secondly,, these jobs cater for the jobless people.

Finally, these jobs cater for the talented people and award their talent thus improving on their livelihoods


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