Freelance writing is a partial or full-time professional choice for persons who want to earn through their writing skills in Kenya. Most freelancers take the career as a full-time job due to its good pay.

Freelancers are self-employed persons who work with different independent clients. You can work with clients from Kenya and abroad and have the same pay.

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How one becomes a freelancer?

For you to become a freelancer, you need to join any of the freelancing.com offered in Kenya. These platforms assist you with skills in writing and provide writing jobs to you.

In these platforms, you need to;

  • Understand your weaknesses and strengths

These platforms assist you with various assignments, which enable them to know areas of your strength and weaknesses. Once you realize your weaknesses, work on them for you to be efficient in writing.

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  • Have samples to portray

Most of your clients will need you to show up some of your worked tasks before they give out their job. Ensure that you have the best sample which can convince them to offer you an activity.

  • Ensure you’re an active writer

Once you become a freelancer, always ensure that you are active in any jobs offered. If you have a working website, update the website regularly for the case of having jobs.

  • Pitch for jobs offered.

Make a follow-up of jobs offered by companies, institutions, and business people and make a pitch on them. Try to communicate to them via messaging and blogging and inform them how best you are in such jobs. This opportunity can lead to you being offered the job by the company or client.

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  • Create a good rapport with clients.

Ensure that your conversation with your clients is of high rapport and persuasive for them to remain in hand with you. Always reply to the messages instantly to show interest and friendship to them.

Your reputation with them will depend on whether the employers will award you the forthcoming job or not. Sometimes you can offer them a free sample and also work on jobs to be paid in the future.

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  • Link with other freelancers

If you are a progressive writer, link with other writers and share more in the skill of writing. Address to each other the challenges you face and how you overcome them. You can share jobs offered to you in case you have a surplus.  Remember, you are there to earn and not for competition.

In Kenya, freelance writing is one of the best paying occupations countrywide. The job is more considerate to youths, and it’s upon you to choose whether to join or continue living the life of desperation and poverty.

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Thousands of youths have joined various platforms which offer writing jobs and are doing quite well. Most jobs were affected by the current pandemic, but writing outstands.


Kenya outweighs other countries in the field of writing. Jobs are scarce, and the few present cannot accommodate everyone. Take a step and join any freelance.com which you trust, and you shall thank me later.


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