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Formal and Informal Letter Writing


A letter is a typed or hand-scribbled text, printed on paper to be dispatched to the recipient through either an email or posted to the post office in an envelope containing the recipient’s home address on top.

Despite having emails and messaging apps on your mobile phone, you will always be required to write a letter in a certain situation. Letter writing can be in different forms depending on your purpose. Some letters may be for applying work vacancy, appealing on a case, joining institutions, complaining, suggesting an idea, requesting something, thanking someone, birthday, wedding invitations or apologizing after messing up. All these purposes mentioned above are overall classified into formal and informal letters. Discussed below are letter writing the formats to be followed while writing formal or informal letters.

Formal letters

They are also referred to as business letters. These are official letters written to institutions. Examples include job application letters, appeal letters, and requesting letters. The tone used when writing these letters is official and polite. Below is a format of writing formal letters:


Let’s imply that you are the writer or the sender. Your address as the sender should be at the top right side of the page. The address should comprise your name, telephone number, email address, and date.

Then just below the sender’s address, on the left side write the receiver’s address where it should include the name of the company and the date too. Proceed to include the subject of the letter, also known as a reference. It should include the main reason why you are writing the letter. It should be written in block letters then underline it.


Begin with greetings. If you are not sure who the letter is referred to, you can type, “Dear sir/madam”, but if you know the gender of the recipient you can include “miss, Mrs, Mr.” The body should contain the message you wanted to convey in small grammatically correct paragraphs.


You conclude your letter by using complimentary words. It is advisable to use “Yours faithfully”  followed by your signature and lastly your name in capital letters.

Informal letters

Like the word itself implies, these are letters that we write to partners, friends, or relatives. They follow these format:

The sender’s dress should always be written on the right-hand side on top of the page, not forgetting the telephone dial and email address of the sender. Begin with a quotation, “Dear Mercy” followed by greetings and checking out on how he/she is fairing. The second paragraph should contain your main reason for writing the letter, finish the last paragraph with a complimenting statement like: ” Lots of love”, “see you soon”. Finish with a signature and your name followed.

A letter should be well written. It’s a better way of presenting your thoughts and ideas in a written form. This is why you are supposed to think about what you want to say first before letter writing. At least put down short notes and think about who you are writing to before you begin. I would encourage parents and teachers to train kids on writing letters at a young age to improve their skills as early as possible.


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