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Essential Tips in Speech Writing

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People prepare various speeches for different audiences on different occasions.  In Kenya, both professionals and students prepare speeches for different audiences. Speech writing entails conveying a message or several messages to a particular audience through written words.  Someone can read the written words to deliver the message audibly.  In speech writing, individuals need to understand the different types of speeches, formats, and other considerations.

Types of Speech

You need to consider your audience and the type of speech you want to deliver to them. There are various types of speeches for specific motives, audiences, and information.

  • Persuasive speech

Persuasive speeches intend to persuade a specific audience with specific thoughts or ideas.  The speaker uses persuasive speeches to convince a given audience to agree with their perspectives.

  • Informative speech

Informative speech contains valuable and interesting information about a particular topic, which it delivers to a specific audience.  The speaker uses informative speech to extensively explain a specific idea, thought, or item so that the given audience can understand it clearly.

  • Demonstrative Speech

Demonstrative speeches describe how particular things need to be done by a specific audience.  Demonstrative speeches usually guide the audience in different steps on how to perform a particular task.

  • Entertaining Speech

An entertaining speech focuses on entertaining a particular audience. Speakers use entertaining speeches to make the audience feel happy, laugh, enjoy and be comfortable.

  • Motivational Speech

Motivational speeches contain encouraging ideas and thoughts to a specific audience.  Speakers use motivational speeches to empower a particular audience to attain specific goals in their lives.

  • Special Occasion Speeches

Special occasional speeches focus on addressing specific audiences on particular occasions only. They contain specific information with specific motives.  Some of the specific occasions include funerals, celebrations, commemorations, and memorials.

Speech Writing Format

When writing a speech, a writer needs to consider a particular format. The format comprises the preparation (in a draft), introduction, body, and conclusion.

  • Preparation

During preparation, the writer needs to choose a topic.  Secondly, the writer needs to know their audience and focus on their needs.  Thirdly, the writer needs to understand the purpose of the speech.  Then finally, the writer needs to organize the specific information they want to address.  The preparation stage should not be part of the final draft of the written speech.

  • Introduction

During the introduction, the writer needs to develop a statement that can grab the target audience’s attention. The writer introduces the speech with an attention-grabbing statement and highlights the purpose and main points of the speech.  Secondly, the writer refines the thesis statement of the speech.  Finally, the writer states something that can introduce the credibility of the main points he or she will address in the speech.

  • Body

The body of the speech comprises one or more paragraphs depending on the speaker’s ideas.  In this case, the writer introduces each body paragraph with a transition, and then they introduce the main ideas with supporting statements. The writer offers examples and other additional relevant information in every main idea in each body paragraph.

  • Conclusion

In conclusion, the writer summarizes all the main points that the speech addresses. After that, the writer finishes the speech with a concluding statement or a statement that calls for action from the target audience.


Writing a speech requires a credible understanding of the audience, their needs, and the type of speech.

The various types of speeches include persuasive, informative, entertaining, demonstrative, motivational, and special occasion speeches.  Writers need to prepare for speeches and follow a specific format in writing.  The format comprises an introduction, body, and conclusion.  Prepare a well-written speech for your audience.


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