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Content Writing Jobs Online 2021

Content is king

There exists several work from home jobs worldwide that are gradually replacing manual/office work. These include blogging, data management, transcription, translation and even content writing. The latter has become quite popular especially among college students and recent graduates in developing countries. A content writer in some cases can be referred to as a freelancer as both share their knowledge and thoughts with the relevant audience online and offline.

I saw a post in one of the social media platforms where a newbie writer was complaining of the treatment he received from one of his clients. Please, do not rush to this field for the sake of earning gigs, be sure to create informational content that is well researched and original.

Required Skills for Content Writers

Time management on research, writing and editing allows you to submit quality work within the stringent deadlines to avoid being penalized. In some cases, you can negotiate with the client for additional time though it might be illogical. When conducting your research, aim to transform the data into interesting information for your readers.

Effective grammar writing and editing skills increase the value of your work and final productivity of the website. Make correct use of keywords, sentence structure, avoid redundancy and proofread your work before submitting. A better understanding of search engine optimization and ability to communicate well with clients and fellow writers is also key.

Different Types of Writing

There are several categories of writing that you are most likely to encounter in your freelancing journey. The common ones are:

Article writing. Some articles can be descriptive or narrative with an interesting introduction and conclusion to capture your readers’ attention. You are able to write about things that you like, hobbies, travel diaries, journals and newspapers.

Blog writing.  An individual blog covers a wide range of topics involving different styles of writing purposely to entertain, educate and inform. Should cover current trending topics and the blog posts do not necessarily need to be long.

Academic writing. Assignments on essays and research papers follow certain writing referencing and citation styles. Lots of freelancers argue that this type of writing is a bit technical because of the rules involved. 

Social media writing. With advanced technology, almost every business owns a social media account which means they need a manager to schedule and write posts across all the platforms to create awareness of their brand.

Copy writing. As a freelance copywriter, you are required to write for companies to promote their products, market them and engage their customers.

Best Freelance Writing Sites 2021

With the increasing demand for writers and clients, there have been several legit as well scam freelancing sites. Let’s look at the best ones providing profitable content writing jobs for you 2021.

Upwork, Freelancer.com, Guru.com, Kenyawriters.com, BloggingPro, FlexJobs, Contena, Elance.com.

Freelancing jobs not only guarantee you a stable income but also save on the transportation fees to and from work. A professional content writer earns an average of $4 per hour. Just be patient, deliver quality work by being consistent with keyword use, have a good client-freelancer relations and avoid being scammed! All the best!


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