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Article writing jobs in Kenya are offered by clients both locally and abroad. Before the writer bids on the task, he/she makes an agreement with the client on issues to do with payment for the activity and the deadline of the work.

 In Africa, Kenya tops in the field of online writing businesses. We have free-lances that equip prospective writers with skills and knowledge in writing.

Examples of article writing jobs are;

  1. Creative writings

Creativity is the key in writing. For you to be an expert writer, you must be of high creativity. Creativity assists you meet the requirements of your clients. Most writing platforms in Kenya offer creative jobs.

  • Business articles

Most of your clients will need you to write business articles. You need to write promotional information for their goods and services to attract customers. You write quality work on goods and services for the company to award you jobs in the future. You can earn well from the company if you satisfy their needs.

  • Blogs

Blog posts are other article writing jobs in Kenya. Blogs are usually short texts and portray the message needed to reach and attract many customers. These blogs should appear in the most attractive and persuasive ways.

  • Website articles

The writer composes content that reflects goods and services offered by a particular company to its customers. Your article should be relevant and of high quality. This factor allows it to be uploaded to the network for many customers to access.

  • Academic articles

Most of these articles are from clients who are students, learners or an educator. The writer needs to do research thoroughly to come up with quality work.

Benefits of article writing jobs

  • Most of these jobs pay very well to the writer. You can imagine earning $12 US dollars within an hour. The amount is around 1200 Kenyan shillings, and very few people make that amount of money within an hour.
  • Home-based jobs. You make your house an office place because you don’t need to travel to carry out the tasks. The jobs are offered, worked on, and submitted virtually.
  • Article jobs have managed the problem of unemployment in most countries. There has been a shortage of jobs in developing countries, but writing has enabled addressing the issue.

Requirements for article writing jobs

  • You require a network for you to be able to carry out writing. Make you have a stable and dependable network for the sake of your clients. You shouldn’t fail your clients due to the lack of network.
  • You require a laptop or a computer for working on the available tasks from your workstations. Make sure there is user-friendliness between you and your computer. It should be fast and programmed with all applications needed for the jobs.
  • You need a source of power. Remember laptops and cell phones need charging, and therefore electricity is a factor.


We have plenty of articles writing jobs outsourcing in the market, and it’s upon you to make an effort and win some. We can join any writing platform that offers writing jobs to writers for easy access to jobs.


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