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An Article On Understanding Of What is Academic writing


What is academic writing? An academic writing entails writing on research findings. There are two types of academic writing. The formal, and informal writing.  The formal writing involves finding the referenced information, and paraphrasing it. The informal writing involves reading, and speaking it out. What is academic writing entails both written, and verbal information.

Formal Writing

What is academic writing? It is most commonly used method in learning institution, by investigation security team, and mainly used by medical practitioner. Most research are written down. The health care practitioners use this form of writing to prescribe the tabs. Written documents can be kept for future reference, rather than word of the mouth.  The past history is typed, and a copy is produced, for future reference.

Informal Writing

This involve speaking out, expressing self on a word of a mouth.  This method is used in expressing inner feelings. You share personal ideas, and advise through talking. If you choose to keep quiet nobody can know your problem or what you would like. Many people use this method to accuse others. False or true accusations are made by the word of mouth.

The academic writing is used to measure a person’s intelligent quotient.  An examination is assigned to learners with instructions that is to be strictly followed. Most written summaries involve the researched work. Other written text encompass somebody inner feelings. The negative thought gives somebody a negative perspective.

When reading written text, you may develop a negative or positive perspective about the narrator. 

Advantage of a Written Document

It can be used for future reference. For example, the learning materials can be read, and be reserved for future use.  A writing method is used to evaluate somebody. It is easy to assess a person by writing. You just assign an assignment that is to be done by writing. As the evaluator, you will have to give instructions. These instructions are to be followed strictly.

When writing, ensure you write relevant information. The information should be clear, and to the point. Writing is the most convenient method to use when addressing most beneficial issues. The written documents are much relied on. When you read a written text, you may go ahead, and investigate to find if the story was real or unreal.

The evil cases, are written or defined on a statement, and filed by security experts for further investigation. A case that has passed investigation, and approved as true can’t be denied. But in future you as a criminal may be caught up unmindfully.  The advantage of writing negative evil cases is to reveal the concealed matter.

Investigation is done secretly, and the unconscious person is put under protection. This makes the criminal to suffer from guilty consciousness. The outside members also gets to understand the ill person, and are cautious of him/her. Writing bad reports doesn’t mean you hate the character. It create awareness to the nation, and protect the human rights.

Some written filled documents, not necessarily calls you to court if you yourself didn’t take it as a case. But, whoever filled the case, may help you to live happily, and get the necessarily support. May it be the right treatment, and be protected from the criminal.


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