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All About Grant Writing in Kenya


Grants are a way to keeping many charities and organizations afloat. Grant writing is not a new concept in Kenya.  The concept has been around for at least 20years now. Not many understand what this kind of writing is all about. Read on to understand what this kind of writing entails.

What’s Grant Writing?

This is the completion of an application process. An organization applies for a financial grant provided by an institution. This could be a government department, corporation, or trust.

Writing an application may seem an easy task. But when it comes to writing grants, you will need to learn the art. Several organizations in Kenya teach you this art of writing for an affordable fee.

What do you need to know about grant writing in Kenya?

It is not enough to love writing, but it is important. It’s hard work that needs you to critically analyze the vision of the organization. Once you know what needs to be improved, and ready to ask for funding for it, get ready to do start writing.

Ensure that you have a strong cover letter. It may come last, but this is the first impression your funder gets about your organization. It should be well written to make the funders care about your mission, too.

Aim for a brief but complete executive summary. This is to entice and keep your readers reading.

The need statement is the body of your proposal. Here you make it clear that your organization the best one for the project mentioned. Explain why the issue is important and how it will be solved. Avoid being too wordy but let the funder know you did your research on possible solutions.

Be specific on how you intended to achieve your goals and objectives. Spell out the outcomes of the particular steps you want to take. From your proposal, the granter should be able to see clearly how you want to achieve goals. Have a proper project design with details and a clear timeline.

Show your funders how their money has an impact. Record and keep data that shows the progress of the project. Be sure to indicate other granters if any. If it’s a first-time project show how you intend on sustaining it long term.  Funders don’t like to feel they are taking a risk others aren’t.

Give complete information about your organization. Write about your mission, granters you’ve had before, and why the funders should trust you with their cash. Be informative because the granter mightn’t know about you at all. Ensure that you have an exact budget laid out for your project.

Don’t forget to give additional materials with your proposal. The most important documents to provide are tax papers showing that your organization is tax-exempted, the current year’s budget, next year’s budget, and board members of your organization.


Grant writing differs from fundraising. Therefore, be clear when you’re writing your proposal. Be concise in your writing and ensure that the proposal has all the necessary signatures apprehended.


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