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What You Should Know Before Writing a CV

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Are you looking for a job? You sent your application and wondering it’s your CV that was wrong. This might be disturbing right?  There are some key points you need to take note while writing a CV.


Many people in not only in Kenya assume that they know how to write a CV. But to the surprise of many employers, they are very sketchy while writing a CV. Curriculum Vitae is a very sensitive document in the life of somebody tarmacking in search of employment. It is therefore a document that before you hand over to the hands of employers, you should read, re-read and then correct any error. Below is everything that you should know before writing a CV.

Key notes to take before

  • Do a research and pick the best format or your CV. There are several formats that your CV can appear in. but remember not all are the best.
  • Give right contact information. Confirm your phone number and email address to be correct before submission.
  • Always give your personal profile at the top to give the reader the earlier information to whom he or she is reading about.

The do’s to include in your CV

In Kenya employers take key note on the better part of your writing. Therefore there are also some things that you should do to ensure that you produce a quality CV. Consider following the below guidelines;

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  • As you write your CV, always ensure that you focus only on the positive side of both the current and the company to which you are applying. Writing negative ideas on the previous company may lead to your disqualification.
  • Provide strong and action oriented points about yourself.
  • Format your sentences into consistent and easily readable format. Try by all means to avoid ambiguity as this may result into boredom.
  • Always ensure that you begin your sentences with a verb.
  • Customize your resume to match the job description that you are applying.
  • Arrange your career history in such a way that the latest becomes the first.
  • Try to hide the fact that you are a team player and have fluent communication skills, of course everybody have. But put it in action oriented writing.

The don’ts in your CV

  • Don’t write a long CV. No matter how much you may want to express your career and responsibilities, only choose the ones relevant to the job description.
  • Do not put or insert your photograph in any page of your CV. Unless this is a requirement by the job description, you can go ahead and put it.
  • Do not lie in your CV. However much you need the job, please be true at all times. You may be given a responsibility you have no idea how to carry out.
  • Do not use tables and graphs in your CV. This brings out more of picture presentation to the reader which should not be the case, especially in Kenya.
CIRRICULUM VITAE written under torn paper.


You may have written a lot of CVs to an extent that you don’t know exactly where you always go wrong when writing a CV.

But now since there is some light that have been shed into your CV, its time you can review it and give it a new appearance.


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