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What You Should Know About Online Writing

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Online writing is quickly gaining popularity in Kenya. Many desire to learn more about it but there are never any exhaustive resources on the same. If you are such a person, then this article is for you.

Online writing is writing done on a computer device with an intention of having it read on a computer device. It is also known as digital writing since it employs the use of digital devices such as phones, computers and tablets. It takes the forms of text messages, email or blogs. The type of online writing that people want to learn about, however, is one that can be commercialized to generate income for the writer.

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Different forms of Online writing in Kenya

There are various forms of online writing one can take up to gain income in Kenya. Examples include:

  • Blogging

A writer can decide to come up with a blog. This is an online account where one can write extensively on issues of his choice. The writer then has a choice of sharing with a selected audience or the general public. The writer then earns income if the online blog attracts a certain number of viewers and subscribers. The blogger may also choose to use his blog to advertise products as an affiliate marketer and earn commission depending on sales.

  • Editing

This is done by people who are proficient in a certain language. They work together with publishers to correct errors in manuscripts before they are published. They therefore earn income depending on the number of pages they edit. The earnings also depend on the kind of script they are working on since some writings tend to be very technical and with complex jargons.

  • Newspaper columnists

An online writer in Kenya can also write for newspapers. This is a contract where the writer is given a section in the newspaper to write articles on certain issues. He can write daily or on certain days of the week and earnings will be on rates agreed.

Advantages of Online Writing in Kenya

Online writing does not require much capital. Unlike other business ventures, it only requires a digital writing device to start. Since majority of the youths in Kenya have smart phones, many of them can be online writers.

Online writing is very flexible. You can work at any time. This means that you can do it at your free time alongside other jobs. It also doesn’t take much time provided you know how to type.

Earnings are guaranteed and there is a minimal probability of loss. This is because most of the online writing jobs are contracts between the writer and the owner of the writing job with a prior agreement on payment. The earnings are tied to the hard work of the writer and he is free to increase his earnings by working on more articles.

Challenges of Online Writing

The main challenge of online writing is the inadequate guidance. Very few people are open to sharing information on legit employers. New writers may therefore end up in the hands of unscrupulous clients who exploit them. This has discouraged many and reduced their zeal to continue with online writing.


It is advisable that anyone planning to take up online writing should first be clear about what form of online writing he would take up. He should then endeavor to learn the particulars of that form. This can be done by looking for information from the internet or asking someone who is knowledgeable on online writing. He should also learn about legit sites and employers. Finally, he should have an appropriate writing device.

Online writing is a very legit source of employment and anyone who wants to try it should consider following through with the dreams. He can be sure he will enjoy the journey if he follows the above recommendations.


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