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Things You Need To Know When Doing Creative Writing Prompts

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Writing prompts are simply the assignments that are directed to students to enhance their creativity and boost on imagination. They involve particular topics which are dealt with in a specific way. There are however steps and things one need to know so that you can make ones prompt much interesting and eye-catching. The text below explains on how to make an interesting writing.

How to make an interesting writing prompt

To make writing prompt interesting here is what you need to keep in mind: first make sure that your prompt is arranged in paragraphs where each paragraph starts with a topic sentence that entails the point being discussed in the entire paragraph. This helps a reader to be able to notice on the key points and the theme of the prompt.

The second part is explaining the topic sentence. This is what is done in the whole paragraph; widely describing the point on the topic sentence reveals the true nature of the points and increase understandability. The reader already has a clue of what is being discussed before the end of the paragraph and that is what makes a prompt engaging and interesting.

On each of the paragraph written make sure you come up with some examples that make the essay look lively. One or two examples are enough to give further explanation of what is being discussed. They can improve the prompt’s creativity and interest. Afterwards, analyze the examples given and ensure they are mutually related with what is being discussed and later conclude with a concluding statement that summarizes the whole paragraph. This is where you can get the theme of the paragraph.

In addition, as you are writing prompts, you should try to write differently; be creative and make your own imaginations but also do not exaggerate much to make the essay interesting. Try to be versatile and write unfamiliar stuffs originated from known things.

You however should not strain to write on things that are far from you but can write what are close to you, what you can easily explain and detail it further without self-contradiction.

Writing prompt is a writing that should build or create an inspiration to the readers. Use quotes and writings that are reader-friendly and not biased. This will help impart social knowledge to the readers that they can use in their day to day lives.

Importance of writing prompts

Writing prompts helps to improve on writing skills. Continuous writing on a given topic helps one to have a better understanding on writing and become perfect for longer writings.

Writing prompt helps to improve and enhance creativity. As one is writing, he or she is exposed to a lot of learning and research materials hence improve one’s creativity. Using of imagination is also a way of improving on the creativity as one is introduced to a whole new experience in imagination.


After all that has been discussed, we can conclude that writing prompt is important in our daily lives and to make them interesting one should approach them on a different perspective and write unexpected from the expected.


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