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Report writing is the act of noting down something you have either heard of, observed or even found out after an investigation. This leads to creation of an organised presentation of facts about activities that have happened.

Ways to Archive a Successful  Report Writing

Success in this situation refers to attaining a good report that is presentable and that which satisfies all the qualities set. Inoder to meet the quality levels of a good report, the following are vital things to keep in mind;

First and fore most, the report must have a title. This title should be brief but clear. It should be able to explain the whole document by just a glance even before an individual has gone through the whole document. Just like the way a human being cannot live without a head, then a report that is not titled can never make any sense.

Then secondly, the presentation based on whichever type of it is being written, should have details of the writer emerge. This does not entail his personal details, rather, he or she should explain his position in relation to the situation, when he wrote the presentation.

After this, progress to the introductory part is allowed. In the introduction part, the writer should state reasons why he or she made a decision to write the report. He or she should also include time when this report was noted down.

The writer is then allowed to  proceed to the body. Here, the presentation is detailed and explained to the latter. Key concepts are presented in this section. This section is vital as it carries most of the details about the report.

Conclusion and recommendation marks the end of a report. Some reports end at the conclusion stage which entails briefings of important concepts discussed in the body of the report. Other reports such as investigative reports proceed to the recommendation section where a writer explains his or her thoughts about what was noted down example, investigative report.

It is important to keep in mind that a  report is written in past tense. A writer should also use passive form of expression.

Importance of Report Writing

A report is a vital document that keeps most operations in various institutions runnig. The following are some of the importance of creating a report.

a.  Used for Evaluation

One key significance of writing this document is that it can be used to evaluate collected data. Example, a business man in kenya might be having plenty of operations within his business, and to run them smoothly, he can use a report to check at the progress of his business and he can grade himself and also take necessary steps incase need arises. He might also learn from a well created document about cash flow in his business and when there’s no enough, he can borrow money from Kenya loan lenders.

b.  Can be Used to Solve a problem

For instance, an insecure area in a country like Kenya comes to exist, the government can send an agent who goes within that area and investigates causes of insecurity. He or she formulates and writes a  report that contains recommendations in it. These recommendations are used in solving insecurities issues in such areas this solving the problem.

c. Can be Used in Decision Making

Creating reports keeps a record of recent activities of an institution or an organization, these can be used for reference and used to pass decisions such as promotions.

In conclusion, a presentable well created  report should have a heading, an introductory part, a body and a conclusion and or recommendation part.


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