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Learn and Earn With Academic Writing Sites

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Are you a teacher or a student? Do you want to extend your learning passion? Or maybe do you want to learn as you earn. Then just by one click on to the academic writing sites, you can achieve this.


Academic writing is one of many ways of learning new things. Just like in normal classroom, as you write after the teacher you get to learn a lot. There have been several academic writing sites in Kenya that provide teachers, students and even professional lecturers with the knowledge content they require. The modes of interactions in these sites differ as some provide the option of posting questions by those who need their contents done. These questions will in turn be done by the students as they learn.

Types of academic writing

Academic writing is divided into four main writing styles;

  • Descriptive Writing – This is where the writer describes something, a process or even a place.
  • Analytical Writing – This is reviewing subject of study as you support your findings with tangible evidence. In Kenya, this is mostly done in universities.
  • Persuasive Writing – here the writer intends to win the mind of readers over object of study.
  • Critical writing – In this context, the writer’s aim is to analyses and evaluate information by researching from different sources

Examples of academic writing sites in Kenya

Below are some of the Academic Writing Sites in Kenya that one can visit and explore new methods of earning while learning;

  1. Writerbay.com
  2. Allwriting.net
  3. FreelanceWritingCenter.com
  4. Asiawriters.com etc.

In each of the above examples given and many more, the writer will be required to create an existing account in order to enjoy the services. Trainings are offered.

Academic projects are posted in these different sites which are done according to instructions given by the client.

Why join academic writing over others

The biggest difference between academic writing sites with others is that apart from earning, you get to learn. As a student this might become as a bonus package since it will give you opportunities to explore more not only in your area of study.

How to register an account

To register to any academic writing site you will need to follow the following procedure.

  1. Create your personal writing account. While doing this ensure you provide valid email account, phone number and other information required.
  2. Complete the registration form.
  3. Continue to the available posted questions and select ones that you are confortable in taking.
  4. Provide a sample of a job you have performed in order to build trust with the clients.
  5. Open a channel in which the payment procedure will follow. In this you can select from the list that every site will provide.
  6. Provide a complete file and bio for a successful registration.


In conclusion, the several academic writing sites in Kenya can give every Kenyan a living. Whether you are a lecturer or not. Whether you have experience or not, the only thing you require is an internet access to submit your work.


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