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Kenyans Earning Fortunes from their Article Writing Accounts; How They Do It

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You might be wondering how young Kenyans can afford the deluxe lifestyles they portray. When asked, some of them claim to write articles online, and some shared their tactics as discussed below.


Nowadays, when you walk around town, you find more young people driving along the streets of Nairobi, Kenya. We did some research and what caught my eye was that majority of them were in some form of online business. The majority of them were doing Article writing on various sites. A few had prosperous accounts, so we asked them to share their secrets. It was clear that running a successful article writing account will need you to be passionate about writing and ready to face challenges as they came. These are the top recommendations from owners of successful article writing accounts from Kenya.

Take on All Projects you Can Find When you are a Beginner

when starting, you need to be more focused on building a client base and building your portfolio. It is advisable to take on dismal projects and use them as stepping stones to grow your account. The money at this stage is minimal, but it’s destructive to worry about the money. You could focus more on improving your skill. Once you get a grip on the industry, you can scale fast.

Write Good Content

It is advisable to get some training on article writing before creating accounts all over and failing to maintain them because it is difficult for you to meet clients’ expectations or follow instructions keenly. Once a client awards you a project, write good content for them and make sure to exceed their expectations to get high ratings from them and positive reviews.

Establish Good Working Relations

It is common for clients to come back to the same writer a few times to request services. But for this to happen, you need to have a good working relationship with your clients. Timeliness by prioritizing your clients’ work, delivering content to their expected quality according to instructions issued to you will go a long way to establish trust in your clients that you can perform tasks given to you. Some clients might be so pleased with your work that they do some inbound marketing by sending referrals to you, which is a great way to find new clients.

Gradually Increasing Price

When you can observe the previous factors discussed above, you can now start increasing your price slowly. By increasing your rates slowly, you give time for your current clients to adapt to the changes in price. When considering increasing your rates, you need to make sure that clients get value for their money.

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Running article writing accounts is a viable business in Kenya. You have to be versatile when working on clients’ projects. By starting strong, you create a chance for your writing account to grow fast. Form good working relations to attract referrals and get rehired by current clients, and write good content. Such a combination will have your writing career take an upward trajectory. Focus on sharpening your skill, and it will pay off in the end.


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