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Important Notes During Composition Writing


Some of the people usually find composition writing to be a very hard task but this is not true. It’s a very simple and enjoying task given that you have understood what is required of you. It’s important to read a lot of story books and other English journals which help greatly in sharpening your composition writing skills. All sentences should be grammatically correct since most emphasis are put on that area during marking.

In composition it’s usually important to give all you’ve got and observe all the English rules and with no doubt you will attain the best scores. The following are some of the important notes which are necessary during composition writing;

  • Find good ideas which are inspirational- Before starting any composition writing it’s important to take about 5 minutes to think about what you are going to write about. This helps in stimulating a bunch of ideas and testing the possibility of producing a good composition. It’s crucial to write everything which is conscious without leaving anything behind because every idea counts. The brain is a very powerful tool and will act in connecting all the ideas into a stream of sentences which will make up the paragraphs.
  • The point of view should not change- It’s important to maintain tense and point of view in sentences. The consistence is important since the articles are personal and should be about you. When the ready is going through your work they should get a taste of how you feel. The pronouns used should be in first person at all the times. Maintain a good flow of words which are related to the topic and by doing so your article will just be good.
  • Understand the components of an essay- Before putting anything to writing it’s important to start by reminding yourself of the basic components of an essay. It’s usually composed of three sections an introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction part usually contains a glimpse of what you are going to write about and should be interesting to encourage the reader to want to read more. The body contains five paragraphs of words which is usually the story and facts part. Conclusion part outlines what you’ve written and also specifies the presentation packages.
  • Use appropriate verbs- It’s important to use different sounds when narrating your story since the reader always checks for them. Personal articles usually contains no fiction and so your voice should be able to tell a story and also reliable at the same time. Verbs and essays are the most important things during composition writing and when they are misused in sentences they can cause great failure.
  • Edit- Fiction is very important during writing and it’s good to finish your composition before you begin editing. You may come up with other opinions which because at this stage you can analyze your work more objectively. At this stage you can correct wrong punctuation marks, mistakes and also forgotten sentences.

Composition writing requires all your concentration and that’s why it’s usually done in a quiet environment.

It’s necessary to observe the above important notes when writing a composition since they are of great importance.


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