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Basic Guidelines Of A Proposal Writing Sample


A proposal writing sample has a set of rules to be followed when writing. This article will discuss a few steps on how to write a good proposal.  A Proposal writing sample uses a specific format style. In our nation we write proposals in a different way compared to the overseas countries. A small difference is seen in the formatting style and the first cover pages.

Formatting Style used

A Proposal writing sample mostly uses two types of formatting styles. There are six formatting styles that can be used. Most often the references, and citation are written in two styles.  The author title, first name, initials of the first and middle name, a comma then the year. In writing a proposal you have to quote the authors book.

Approve the writing

When writing a proposal, the proposed personal ideas, and the summary should be acknowledged. You start by writing “According to somebody by name, said. This is an evidence to your writing work.

When writing a proposal, you give ideas on what you intend to approve in future. The tense used is present, and future tense. At the beginning of writing you describe what you are writing on present tense.

The description part should include the methods that you will use in collecting data. Make a budget of cash amount, you will incur, and include it in the proposal.

The budget include the transport, stationary, printing cost, period taken when starting,and completing the writing. The proposal is typed, and printed out. The printed document should be neat. e.g the title must be bolded. The alignment and spacing indenting must be as recommended.

Basic guideline on Formatting Style

Analyse the data by tabulating on different object shapes. Indent the information if necessary. In a proposal writing, use the numbering technique for better appearance. The title and subtitle should be bolded. You should capitalize the first letter on starting a paragraph or a sentence. Try to conceptualize the data to interrelate clearly. The data diagram should have similarity, and contrast.

Basic steps in writing a sample of a proposal

A proposal should follow the below steps; The first five pages include the cover page, a description on the source of writing, a brief content – highlighting the overview proposal writing, a brief content on appreciation of those who supported your writing e.g a parent ,and a brief summary on types of objects shapes used in analysing data.

A cover page has the title of the proposal, the name of the person who has written it, the institution that it is presented to, and a statement of the proposal. A statement is written at the bottom of the cover page. After writing the first five pages, you should write the overview of the proposal. The introduction include what you are writing on, and methods you will use to collect data.

The subtopics will follow up the main heading or the introduction. Ensure you use the required headings of a proposal. The second main heading is on technique which will be used to collect and analyse data. The last heading is on approving your writing, quoting the authors name and book. The citation is referenced in two styles. The type of style you will choose depend on your preference.


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