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The APA Style Of Writing And Documentation



The APA writing style is a style that is most suitable for the American audience and in research writing of papers of science categories such as anthropology, sociology and psychology. There is however other fields that use the APA style, such as education. The style is used mainly in the in-text citations of books and articles on journals for the research purposes.

How to use the APA writing style and documentation

It is not complicated to work with the APA style, as to be on the safest side you need to ensure that factors like the page of reference and the in-text citations are well considered. These are the main factors that are included in the APA style of writing. Considering the in-text citations, ensure to include the name of the author and the date of publication as in the paper of the research. This will then reflect back to the page of reference which is situated at the end of the writing that shows all the sources that the work is gotten from. However, it is important to ask the instructor on the instructions of writing the essay before starting on your work on the project.

When is it recommended to cite sources using APA

It is legally preferable that every time you use any one’s information or quote anyone’s information, you should cite the source using APA. The sources might be from books, passages, journals or articles. Paraphrase and summarize the content from the texts and cite the source to make the legal as mentioned in the rules of copyrighting. In the APA citing what is to be listed is the name of the author and the publication year so as the style can be valid. There are however different methods of arranging in the APA; writer may opt to start with the name then the year of publishing, for example, ‘Continued symptoms result to serious cases in even chest pains, pressure, difficulty in speaking and moving and breathing (Kevin, 2020)’,  or start with the year of publication then the author’s name, for example, in the year 2020 Kevin Dineros stated that continuous symptoms result to serious cases in chest pains, pressure, difficulty in speaking and moving and breathing.

How to start citing a source using the APA

You are required to let the reader know that you are about to cite a source in your text. Therefore, you need to use some signaling phrases such as illustrates, claims, grants, adds, observes, suggests, argues or denies. These phrases introduce an argument that can be denoted from a source. Note that, even though you are required to use the signaling phrases, make sure the phrases are appropriate for what you are to express.

Lastly, the reference pages include all the sources where the citations have been done in the text. They summarize all the citations present in the text.


The APA style is used for the documentation of the American Psychological Association and mentions the year of publication and the name author.


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