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Top Ten Online Jobs For Stay At Home Moms


Taking care of young children may be demanding especially if the mother has to work. Many mothers want time with their children and pressure from work as some jobs may be demanding. Most mothers wish deep within that they would get paid for just staying at home watching their angels grow. Wishes might turn to horses through the realization of top ten online jobs for stay at home moms highlighted in this article.

Top ten online jobs for stay at home moms

Here are the best of the ten among many other jobs that pay well online:-

  1. Blogging

You can start a blog if you have something interesting to share. Note that in your blogs, you just have to give it a piece of you. Give the people something that they can relate to or that they would capture them. You don’t have to be as good a writer. Just get to connect to people. You can get to earn from your blog even after a long time if it’s still getting read.

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  1. Translation

Do not let your multilingual skills go to the dogs. There are so many translation jobs on the internet. You can always do them as a freelancer. Sit for an hour and it bears fruits. You can get as many jobs as you want and do them according to how flexible you can make your time.

  1. Online writing

If you believe in your writing skills, then you can earn very well depending on who you write for. Online writing is variety both in freelance and full time. As much as there are many people writing online, the jobs are inexhaustible and diverse.

  1. Affiliate marketing

Honestly speaking, in my opinion, a good number of ladies are excellent marketers. They will get you to buy something and convince you of how much you need to have the item; and they seem to enjoy it. You can use links to refer people to products and services and get paid for it. That’s wonderful. You don’t even have to set time for that. It is just instant.

  • Bookkeeping

Some small businesses hire people to keep records e.g. financial transactions for them. You can do it as a freelancer or get to work for a specific company for a longer period.

  • Proof reading

Many people cringe at the sight of a grammatical error or missed spelling. Are you one of them? Then if you are, there are companies that hire people to proof read for them and it pays.

  • Transcription

If you are patient enough and good with your listening skills, you can transcribe for companies that pay for that. All you have to do is listen and write it down, just like a lecture.

  • Virtual assistant

If you have good communication skills as well as organizational, this is the job for you. It entails maintaining a social media page for an organization, writing emails, entering data, proofreading company documents among others. You can work remotely for more than one company.

  1. Foreign exchange (forex) trading

Some people equal forex trading to gambling: it is not. Forex trading is not classified by many under online jobs but you should definitely try it. Just put your greed down and avoid putting all your eggs in one basket. You can learn how to safely trade through people and even videos on YouTube.  If you are not satisfied and don’t feel safe yet, there are short courses for that.

  • Take surveys

You have to get a legitimate survey site first that is sure to pay. Most surveys take 10-15 minutes and you can do as much as possible.

Freelancing: I have put freelancing aside. This is because a number of the listed jobs can be done as freelance. Freelancing comes with a variety of jobs and you will never lack one that suits you. Freelancing therefore substitutes any of the jobs on my list.

Many online jobs require discipline and getting to meet deadline. For blogging and forex trading though, you get to command your schedule. There it is; you can watch your kids and get paid. It is as simple as that.


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