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Recommended Article Writing Jobs For Students and Freelancers.


During this quarantine period, a lot of students are trying to find writing jobs and not only just writing jobs but credible writing jobs at that. Most freelancers are looking for jobs so they can apply their skills and earn money at the same time, of course, who wouldn’t want some money in their account in this trying time? I wouldn’t even think twice. There are some amazing jobs that are credible and will guarantee your amazing skills wouldn’t go to waste, they’d even get you some sort of reimbursement if you think about it. (winks)

Here are the recommended article writing jobs that will actually be worth your time:

       Kenya writers: The Kenya writer’s association hires writers and provides the writers with the required skills to be able to write. If you were probably still a student and were up to the task of learning, one is given a mentor and advised on the required areas of essay writing. After having been equipped with the skills the mentor is given tasks before they level up in the table to elite writers who are the experts. After moving to a higher level the amount of money you get after doing a task increases, and so does your experience at doing different tasks. The amazing services offered here would just make you think of sending your application in the next few minutes to the Kenya Writers Association.

     Upwork: If you’re a freelancer, Upwork might be the next option for you. They have various fields and you can find the category you most likely fit in and are able to do. You define your payment rate and include information on the skills you have. Being a beginner at first it may be hard for you to earn a lot of money but with a little bit of patience, time, and hard work you can move up the levels and become an intermediate or expert writer who makes a very good amount of money, and the best of all, joining this site is absolutely free, and don’t you all just love the sound of the word free?

Freelancer: This is one of the largest freelancer sites on the net. This is a platform for freelance writers who are from a lot of countries. A writer registers in the platform and after registering he or she chooses the category that they can get work done in and they then get to bid for tasks. The constant bids are placed and the clients get to pick their various picks. Here you choose the amount of money you’d charge for given work to be done and for how many hours.

Prospect solution:  Here they have well-paying jobs for students and for those looking for some side- incomes. They enhance one’s knowledge and also provides assistance for those who want it. For a freelance writer, one can be able to choose the time he or she can work and the rates they can go for. Here one can earn amazing amounts of money and have the possibility of even earning more if you were a student before at the site. If you are a student, Prospect solution might just be the site for you.

So make the right choice, do something, apply to one of these jobs, write something, and get yourself that money while you’re at it.


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