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Realistic Ways you can Earn Money Online through Freelance Jobs


Thanks to the internet and digitization of most processes, there are several realistic ways you can earn money online through freelance jobs. The amount of online jobs that needs to be done is probably more than we can handle. In recent years, the idea of online freelance jobs has grown in popularity among young adults all over the world. A lot of people have a sustainable income working from home. Most people have had the luxury of leaving their office jobs and becoming self-employed.

This article lists some of the most realistic ways you can earn money online through freelance jobs. All you need to have is a computer, internet connection, willingness to put in the work, and patience. Just like in any other job, success takes time and consistently impressive work.

Affiliate Marketing

This is a way of marketing that uses affiliate links. These links enable you to earn a commission every time someone purchases a product through your link. All you will need is an audience on your website, blog or a social media following. Then you can work together with different brands who will provide you with unique affiliate links that your audience can use to purchase their products. Communication skills and persuasiveness is key for this particular job.

Design and Creative Jobs

With a set of skills in Web design or Graphics design, you can create a personal profile and bid for design jobs on the internet. You can also do a variety of other creative jobs like logo design or photography. These jobs pay a varied amount of money depending on the clients and workload.

Online Writing

You can earn money writing articles online. This is for anyone who has a certain level of writing skills. These skills, however, require a little bit of polishing to make a decent online writer. You can write a personal blog and gain a substantial audience of your own or become a guest writer on different websites and get paid as well. On the other hand, academic research and writing is a great way to earn money online.

Virtual Assistant Jobs

This allows you to be a self-employed professional assistant. Daily tasks might range from making calls, scheduling meetings, answering emails and offering strategic advice to a client from a home office. Good communication skills and fluency in both written and spoken English is essential for most of these jobs.

Online Surveys

This involves giving feedback to companies on their products by completing online questionnaires. Usually to help businesses improve their consumers’ experience. The companies, in turn, pay you for such important information. The approach you take depends on the product under review which must be kept in mind. Payments for these jobs are either per hour or per survey.


This involves reviewing pieces of writing to ensure accuracy in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting. If you have an eye for spelling and grammatical errors, you might as well make a living out of it. This can be a fun way to make money and improve your writing skills in the process. A proof-reader may be paid per page or hourly depending on who you will be working with. This kind of job demands a keen eye to detail, time consciousness, and dedication.

Although these types of jobs might seem appealing and easy, they demand a high level of responsibility and commitment to work under minimal supervision. It also takes an open mind, adaptively and patience to handle the ever-changing online environment and its demands. There are jobs for all kinds of people depending on their skills, expertise, and interests. Online freelance jobs are usually preferred by people who like to manage their own time and creativity rather than taking orders. Not every job you come across, however, will be manageable or appealing to you. You, therefore, have to take your time, research, and pick a job you can commit to and do well.


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