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Paying writing jobs available in Kenya


Today, working remotely has become a way of earning extra income to anyone especially those that love writing. Paying writing jobs in Kenya enables students to embrace online writing so as to save money before they go back to school and learn.

How to become an online writer in Kenya

Register an account – Registration is done on the platform you want to look for jobs and work there.  At some point, some accounts might require to input your skills and experiences for the job, provide resumes and cover letters, complete certain verification processes, completing tests as they come up with a review of how your work was done. After this, you will then check your email to see if you were approved or not. Some emails come immediately after the job or even a week later. It depends.

Buy an accountGather some capital and buy an account from friends so as to improve your writing skills. Most of these accounts are advertised on social media platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp groups. Moreover, before purchasing an account from anyone, beware of conning as this happens because you both converse online. The best way to avoid such is by inspecting the account first if it even exists by checking activity histories, jobs, and payouts.  If the account exists ensure you’re given every detail for the account and once given, be free to change passwords and put yours for your own security purposes.

Become a hired writer– To be hired as a writer, you should look for jobs that are seeking writers and those that pay according to your standards.  Once you get the job, you should first discuss with the project owner certain cases like your availability for jobs so as to be able to manage tasks at your own pace and time. You should also discuss the payment. In this case, payment cost per page. You should tell him or her skills and how many projects you have handled so far with your listed skills. After doing this, you will have to wait for the client to give you feedback if in case you are qualified for the project or not. However, some clients never return feedback and this can get discouraging.

Advantages of online jobs in Kenya

You get paid via M-Pesa

You can set your own time to work consistently or not, depending on your schedules

You are privileged to work from anywhere including home, school, traveling.

You decide where you wish to improve your rates by working hard or not. There is no pressure from anyone

You get your money Tax free

Disadvantages of online jobs in Kenya

Types of online writing jobs in Kenya that pay

There are different types of online writing. This includes,

  1. Blogging
  2. Academic Writing jobs
  3. Article Writing jobs

Some of the examples you might want to consider where when looking for online writing jobs include, Up work, I Writer, Freelancer, Write for a local client, Kazipesa, Kuhustle.com, Kenyawriters.com, Fiverr, People Per Hour, Guru and so many others.

Start your online writing career and earn more than you can even imagine out of this.


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