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Paying Typing Jobs That Do Not Require Experience


A typing job is any job type that one may be involved in which requires the actual typing. Data entry for quite some time has been the most famous home typing job but you cannot limit yourselves from other profitable typing jobs out there. Having your tying tasks at home is so stress-free in terms of space yet very convenient and pays a lot.

One only needs to be very prompt and meet deadlines just by formulating a clear work schedule on how to go about the pending typing tasks. Once you have an internet-enabled computer with a working keyboard, you are good to go! In this article, we take a walk through well sampled and validated paying typing jobs that do not require experience. Have a look.

  1. Data Entry

Data entry is the most common typing job. It is open to beginners because it is incredibly easy. One requires not any special experience or training. You only require elementary skills in computer applications including navigation through excel sheet by entering data or other suitable applications that may be required.

Some of the required equipment in data entry includes a desktop or laptop computer, speedy internet access, number pad keyboard, and relevant data processing programs like Google sheet and Microsoft office. Most jobs involving data entry are paid depending on the employer. One can make a lot in terms of cash based on how fast and efficient you are.  

  • Editor

As long as your grammar is on point, you can take a stab at this typing job. Here, your work will involve correcting errors in spelling, sentence fragments, or wrong word use. As an editor, you may be needed to organize a content piece and make easily readable changes. Some may also involve a re-write for long and fragmented pieces to make a cohesive document.

By having a computer with active internet access, you can land a massive gig. The earning can range from $25 an hour to $4,500 per month. Bigger projects attract more additional earnings. So, get up and be ready and go for this lucrative typing job.

  • Freelance Writer

This is another common typing job. As a freelance writer, your job varies from writing sales pages, blog posts, to white papers. In this case, your obligation will be to identify the type of job you would want to do and the client you would wish to work for. All you need is to be connected to a writer website where you receive and send tasks to.

Just organize and poses a computer, an accessible internet, and a suitable workspace then hit the ground running. Freelance writers make a quite adorable income of above $5,000 a month. As long as you have the correct writing niche and clients, the sky is the limit.

  • Transcription

When a typing job crosses your mind, this should be among the first ones to put your hand on. Being a transcriptionist involves typing audio recordings after listening to them. Here, both listening and hearing are fundamental. Apart from having the ability to manipulate different accents, one’s typing speed much be high with minimum error rates.

You need to reduce typos and other typing related mistakes to reap good cash in transcription. The equipment required includes a good internet-enabled computer and a headphone for listening to audio files.

Many transcriptionists are paid on an hourly rate. The earnings increases with experience and specialization. So, to increase your payment rate, be quick and efficient.

  • Captioning

This is a bit similar to transcription only that one needs to transcribe after listening to a particular audio file. Apart from just making transcription documents, one may caption video sounds or translate the audio from a different language.

Captioning is more tasking than transcription since it may also entail pre-recording an audio file. Just like other typing jobs, one needs a computer, efficient access to the internet, a headphone for listening, and a stenotype machine. As a highly demanding industry, you can get more cash that can translate to a full time monthly earning.

  • Micro Tasks Typing Jobs

As it sounds, it involves small typing tasks which takes a shorter time to complete without automation. These tasks may involve small audio transcription, identification of photograph objects, or one may be required to update spreadsheets with small data or write a brief paragraph of a document.

These micro tasks are available on many websites and may not take a lot of your time to accomplish. You need to have access to a variety of programs to increase your versatility and be liable to many such jobs. Familiarize yourself with Microsoft office and G suite programs to be more competent for the tasks.

Payments here will depend on how much of such micro tasks you can handle in a day to increase your earnings.  

  • Proofreader

While editors make better a content piece, proofreader corrects mistakes in grammar and spellings arising from a document. It is easier than editing.  You may be asked to proofread essays, newsletters, blog posts, resumes, or press releases.

You need a computer with high internet speed access and an application for checking errors in spelling and grammar in an article. By just performing such simple tasks, you can earn as much as $400 per month.

  • Copywriter

Are you interested in understanding the dynamics of human behavior? A copywriter’s great concentration is on the content user and their behavior as they handle the said content. As a copywriter, you will be responsible for converting write-ups, writing involving conversation, and aspects of marketing. Many businesses hire copywriters for tweaking, sales pages, and landing page.

To be a copywriter, one needs to have a built portfolio of brochure mock-ups, copies of landing pages, microcopy, together with enable access to the internet and a computer. It attracts coveted monthly earnings of about $4800.

After having read all this, I hope your typing figures are ready. Get them on the keyboard and begin minting extra cash with the typing jobs.


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