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Online Blogging Jobs That Might Be Worth Your Time


Blogging is an excellent way for you to polish up on your writing skills, share the joys of your favorite hobby with others, or start an online diary. However, blogging can also be a lucrative means to supplement your income. There are online blogging jobs that might be worth your time.

Corporate Blogs

Business owners start blogs for the purpose of updating their customers about the latest developments in their field, addressing issues of concern, and maintaining the customers’ interest in their brand. Blogs are also a means to communicate the company’s core values and objectives.

However, busy executives simply do not have the time to create content and manage their blogs, hence they recruit freelancers. As a freelancer, you are tasked with the supply of regular, fresh posts. In addition, you are required to deliver high quality content that will engage the customers and cement their relationship with the company.

This is one online blogging job that is worth your time, as it is a regular source of income. Businesses that may be on the lookout for bloggers include colleges, start-ups, small business, and well- known brands.

Marketing Blogs

Another field where there are online blogging jobs that might be worth your time is in marketing. Blogging is a key tool that businesses use to market their products, attract new business, and maintain contact with their existing clients. Their aim is to achieve visibility and strengthen their brand. Marketing departments are recruiting freelancers to manage blogs to ensure that they are effective. The goal is to present that business entity as an authority in the field and to build trust. The role of the freelancer is a challenging one. New content must flow, and fresh ideas constantly generated. However, this is a great source of income that will allow your creative juices to flow.

Ghost Blogging

An online blogging job that might be worth pursuing is one that requires you to write content for clients who have a niche but are unable to post material on it regularly. In other words, you are paid to write content for which the credit goes to the owner of the blog. Ghost blogging is a good source of income and is usually uncomplicated as the research material is normally provided. It is a good way to gain valuable experience and widen your scope.

Real Estate Marketing

The real estate industry is a dynamic one and investors are often in search of freelancers to contribute articles to their blogs, sometimes on a weekly basis. While this is an online blogging option that is worth your time, this is a niche that calls for good writing skills to capture the attention of the readers. Titles and headings are important, paragraphs must be kept short and memorable graphics are essential. These positions usually call for frequent blogging that offers useful tips and reflects local expertise. Research must be undertaken to deliver accurate facts and figures about market conditions and to highlight the selling points of the properties.

One of the advantages of taking on online blogging jobs is that you can select the niche that interests you most, or one that you have some knowledge of. Perhaps one of the options above is right down your alley.


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