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Online academic writing jobs for freelancers


There are loads of online academic writing jobs provided by agencies. Most of the agents providing these jobs are on the internet.  In this article, you will learn tips on how to become a successful part-time or full-time online writer and earn at the comfort of your home.

Corona Virus pandemic has created a shift in all economies of the world. It has brought companies and people to re-think on how to run their businesses and work. Online business platforms are top gainers from this pandemic.

Academic writing and freelance writing platforms have registered more writers in this season, this is since more jobs are now available online.

There are many online companies hiring talented writers to do online writing jobs at a paid fee. Hers is a list of some hiring companies you should try;





Here are some notable online academic writing jobs:


This basically means writing academic essays for clients. You are assigned some piece of academic essays, for example:



Environmental studies


An academic research proposal is a document that analyzes a topic and proposes a hypothesis for that topic. You will normally see this sort of proposal as a precursor to a Bachelor’s degree requirement, doctoral dissertation or a master’s degree level thesis paper. For example;

            Benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility on Market competition.

As a freelancer, don’t just hop on these kind of job. It requires more knowledge about the field of study.


Academic presentations are generally presentations that you will create for your client.  You will need to have skills in using software for creating great presentations.

Knowledge and skills in graphics and editing is a thumbs up in your profile.


This is simply listening to an audio file sent to you and the task is to actually convert the audio into text file.

However this job has been over shadowed by the overwhelming presence of other online jobs in the market. Take advantage and go for this job.

Do you have a writing account?

Online writing accounts are acquired through purchasing or opening one. These accounts range from, forty and two hundred thousand US dollars. The process of opening an account is considered competitive and vigorous thus many prefer buying one. After a successful career experience and web presence, one may opt to open an account.

There are many online companies hiring talented writers to do online writing jobs at a paid fee.

What to look out for!

Just like any other job industry, online writing is also faced with challenges the most common being cybercrime. Most writers often complain of fraudulent fake accounts. This is where one offers you job and at the end of the day there is no payout. Some writers fall into purchasing non-existent accounts.

You advised to lookout for genuine paying platforms. Don’t be enticed with the price being offered and fall into a trap.


For those of you who are passionate talented writers, online writing is an effective way of creating a successful career since it drives clients as well as traffic to your portfolio. Starting off as a freelance writer can be apprehensive at first, as a writer you are due to make few mistakes along the way of writing.


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