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100 Dollars a Day From The Comfort of Your Home


Working from the comfort of your home is not only convenient but can be well paying up to 100 dollars in a day. Most people don’t know how they can utilize their talents without spending a lot of money and time moving around looking for office work. This article will answer your dilemma and give you a basis to get started.

Become a writer

Online and remote writing has seen some people into excellent living by just working from home. A variety of platforms have also come up and it’s up to the writer to research and choose the best, based on their skills and their personal desires. The list is inexhaustible but Flexjobs, Problogger Job Board, Freelance Writing Gigs, and Fiverr can offer a  platform for writers. The writer in these sites will write articles for clients and will be paid for every completed article. Some writers make even more than 100 dollars a day. Don’t wait! It’s time to start earning.

Online Course

The online course can be based on someone’s skills. There are platforms that will specifically allow the creation of online courses such as Udemy and Skillshare. This online course will generate money for the coach. The Vip Kid is an example and it specializes in teaching English to Chinese children.

Start a blog

To start a blog you will just need to pay for hosting in a site and create time to prepare your content and market your blog. It can earn even more than $100 with an active blogging site.

Do Proofreading

This will work well for someone good in grammar. It requires one to be excellent in punctuation and in identifying mistakes to offer this service. Just like in writing, Flexjobs and Upwork amongst others will be the sites to look for.

Selling Crafts

Every person has a unique talent and if designing crafts is your area then this will work out very well for you. You will need to open a shop on Etsy. Selling can then be done at a 5% commission from every item sold.

Beads craft

Testing Websites and Apps

A list of websites will offer this paid service. All you need is a phone. You will use apps and websites just like every other user to test on the experience and give feedback. You will need to have a profile with the website of choice and after some QA they will be sending invites through your email and payments after the test.Usertesting.com, for instance, pays $10 per test which may just take 20 minutes. Beta testing offers between $10-$25 per test.

Online Survey

Some websites will pay you for just searching online or for simple tasks online such as completing a survey. Swag Bucks is a famous site that pays in the form of points that get converted later to gifts or cash.

Start a paid Youtube Channel

To start a Youtube channel is free but monetization of the channel will have to meet the requirements for the YouTube partner program. This may include 1000 and more subscribers, 4000 hours cumulative watch time in the past 12 months amongst other policies.


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