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Legitimate Money Making Online Sites


Working from home is becoming a common way of making money through online sources. This is becoming hard, as many sites that show people they can help them make money are not legitimate. This article focuses on the legitimate money making online sites you should not shy away from trying.

  1. YouTube

This is the most common website where you can upload videos about any topic. All you have to do is have a device that is able to record videos and of good quality. Once you make your video, just post it on YouTube, and ensure that you have viewers as it they are the reason for you to be paid or not to. How you make money depends on the number of views on each video. Make as many creative videos as possible if you want to have a higher earning rate. This is how it works all you need is your creativity and a camera.

  • Fiverr

This website normally sells services such as content writing, photo editing, and video editing. People also sell e-books on Fiverr. All you need is the necessary skills to start then your earning potential can be endless depending on your resilience. You should advertise and list all your services where you will find many gigs according to your type of skill.

  • Udemy

This common site provides online courses for anyone across the world on many topics. You might be wondering how learning can earn a person money. This is not the case, the instructors and tutors are the ones who are paid. You can register as an instructor and upload your videos that show you teaching about a particular topic. The way an instructor receives a payment is when a student buys your course. The revenue is then shared between udemy and the instructor at good rates. Just go to udemy, find a course that you are an expert in, make a video of the course, upload it, and then you are ready to start earning.

  • Elance

Elance offers works for people who have various skills on copywriting, IT and Technical, Virtual Assistance, Sales, and Marketing. This site is common to professional writers but also offers other services other than writing. All you need is your skills and well-defined profile to have good clients and good pay.

  • Cracked.com

Are you a comedian or a writer who creates funny content to make people laugh? It is mostly an entertainment site which it involves creating entertainment content. It allows creation of videos that entertains people from around the globe. It invites writers from all over the world who have the skills to write funny articles and create great videos. Once you write an article, it has to be approved then published in order to earn money from that article. The more the number of articles, images, and videos, the higher the earning rates.


As from the above sites, we can see that people from every specialty is favored and can earn money from these sites which are quite legitimate


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