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How to Make Ksh. 1000 per Day through Online Jobs


I hope you want to bag some cash, true? Of course yes! Every single person needs to mint money at the comfort of their laptop conveniently.

The internet revolution has changed how we do our business today. It has broken the ceilings and lifted limitations on our activities and achievements based on the financial resources and geographical location.

To get enrolled in an online job, one would only require an efficient laptop, internet connectivity, self-drive, and time management. With all these put in place, I give you an assurance that you will make an online income and nothing will stand on your way towards it.

We can now draw close as I take you through the path to learn how to make Ksh 1000 per day through online jobs. Their selection and capture will be sufficient to put money in your pocket if considered.

  1. Online Research

Did you know that doing an online research writing is a well-paying engagement? Take a look. Mostly, the rates of payment will be employer dependent. Many online research employers can pay as much as Ksh 1,000 for every page based on work quality.

For others, you can earn as much as a minimum of Ksh 250 per page. This means that if you are capable of doing 4 pages and more the Ksh 1000 earnings per day is inevitable.

  • Be a Transcriptionist, Learn it now!

Transcription is one of the best well-paying online jobs currently. If you possess the ability to listen keenly and be obedient to work ethics, then you are on the right path. Here, you will be required to convert live or recorded audio files into the text format. These files may be from varied fields ranging from education, legal, or medical sectors.

Your ability to meet deadlines and confidentiality protocols will be a guarantee to your success in transcription as an online job. What you can make monetarily ranges from Ksh 100 to Ksh 2500 on an hourly basis depending on the account type and the employer’s rate.

  • Be a Blogger or an Article Writer

An article is usually intended for large audiences and they may appear in magazines, newspapers, or journals. This should not be mistaken to be a freelance or an academic write-up. With the observed rise in information with search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Bing, it calls for website owners to outsource for more information to meet this demand.

So, how efficient and accurate you are will earn you lots of money to the tune of Ksh 1,000 and counting daily.

  • Try Launching an Entertaining and Informative YouTube Channel

YouTube currently is the world’s largest video hosting website. The majority of its users come into it for entertainment and information. This has made one of the largest search engines. By launching your channel, you begin monetizing with ads upon hitting a particular number of subscribers per view time. 

Literally, by having just 50 videos attracting 10,000 views monthly, it can translate to almost Ksh 3,500 gains monetarily per day. So, you only need to be creative to get video views and enjoy handsome cash rewards daily.

  • Think of Becoming a Freelance Web Designer and Developer.

If you have skills in CSS, HTML, PHP, Python, and MySQL, this is the way to go in being your boss. There are immense benefits here! You have the luxury to set pay rates and flexible working hours your discipline strict adherence to self-guidelines is above board. With a huge shortage of web developers and designers worldwide, you can attract huge salaries beyond your imagination.

I hope that by going through this article, you have now learned how to make a minimum of Ksh 1,000 per day through online jobs. Get your laptop, connect it to the internet, and begin earning!


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