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If you are looking to venture into content writing, here are the best sites for you.


Writing has become a major source of income for many people.  Content writing is a big part of the digital economy.  Content writing can include anything from blogging to academic writing.

There are plenty of websites and online platforms for writers to share their content. On these platforms you can also find clients willing to pay for your services. These websites are open to writers of all skill levels. Professionals and beginners can both use these websites for their work. If you are looking to venture into content writing, here are some of the best sites.

Word Gigs

Word Gigs focuses exclusively on ghostwriting. This means that all the writers get no recognition or credit for the work done. You will however still be paid for the work done. Word Gigs still consistently ranks as one of the best websites for writers. This website is mostly known for having some of the best pay rates. You can earn around $4.50 for a four hundred -word article. It is not the best site for beginners. However you can still get jobs at any skill level


If you are a beginner Textbroker is your best bet. Textbroker has been a favourite for many content creators over the years. The site accepts writers of varying levels of experience. The site also includes videos and tutorials to improve your writing skills. These resources can come in handy as you progress in your writing career. Textbroker also gives fair rates to its writers.

It is one of the best paying sites out there.  Signing up as a writer is free and gives you access to all jobs and tools on the site. As a bonus you get feedback on your work. This will help you improve greatly on your writing.

Constant Content

Constant Content is a unique writing website. It functions primarily as a writing agency. Their main job is to find writers who can create web content for businesses. On this platform you will be required to write content from blog articles, social media posts and academic articles among others. If you like writing content for businesses, this is the place to be. Constant Content has worked for more than 50,000 businesses.


iWriter is one of, if not the best freelancing site right now. Joining it involves a small process. You will have to fill out a form. Then you will have to submit two- 250- word writer prompts. These two write-ups are then analyzed and results given. Your results will then dictate which writing jobs you can get. You are not limited that entry level. Youcan increase your writing level and skills. At iWriter clients choose you from a list of writers. The client will then give you the work needed. It is easy to rise up and build a portfolio.  You can have great improvement on this site and enjoy good rates.



This is also a top-tier writing websites. It is currently the most popular site for freelancers. Upwork provides for services of all kinds of writing. The job postings can range from graphic design to blogging. You can easily find something that matches your skills and personal preferences. Upwork is one of the easiest sites to use and develop your writing career.  As an entry-level writer you will have to be patient. You will need to build up a reputation before getting good projects. Currently, Upwork is said to have the highest number of active writers.


Content writing has many opportunities. It requires effort and some patience to make it a serious income earner. You will find it worth doing. You do not have to keep waiting, join today. You will find the world of content writing quite profitable.


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