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Best Sites To Venture Into Content Writing,


Content writing particularly is described as the process whereby a content writer plans, writes and edit content that is to be uploaded into Internet.  The contents may include articles and blog post writing, scripts used for podcasts, and videos and also content that is for specified platforms.

Many content writers have a lot of ideas to write good contents, but the disadvantage is that they have no one to support them.

Luckily enough, we have a list of sites that will help you venture into content writing. Here are some highly rated sites for content writing.

                  1. Hire Writers

This is one of the best content writing site hiring writers across the glob. Hire Writers is a legit company and it ensures that all content writers pass through the interview to be approved for paid assignments. The paid assignments can start from the lowest paying writing job and with time one is promoted to do higher paying job according to the improvement in content writing, ability and the ease to beat the deadline.

This site is open for anyone to sign up and show your creativity. There payment method is through PayPal.

              2.  iWriter

iWriter have similarity to hire writers since you are promoted to jobs that pay higher prices when customers are satisfied. Contrary to hire writers, you are not subjected to pay when the deadline is not adhered to. There payment method is through PayPal.

           3. Textbroker

This is an interesting site since it gives an opportunity for content writers regardless of your working experience. One has to sign up by submitting a sample which is rated by editors according to your performance. This then opens the opportunity to receive projects from clients. One can cash out upon hitting $10 on the account

       4. Triple curve

They have a writing application which should hold your information and two samples with five hundred words. Once the editors are satisfied by your work, they contact you and offer you an opportunity to work with them.

       5. Fiverr

This is the site that offers the largest market for the content writers. They are popular because they have cheap offers. What you need to join is to sign up and offer the services you can write about then you can start earning through your content writing.

                6. Zerys

You need to apply by filling a form which is simple and providing a sample in form of a writing. They usually pay two times in a month through PayPal, on 1st and 15th.

             7. Article Document

This site is only available for the residents of the United States. They give the content writers a freedom to select the type of content you want to specialize on. The work is updated each and every day on there platform. They make there payment through PayPal services

           8. WordGigs

It gives you a chance to sign in by filling a basic application and start writing after submitting a sample of content you have written. They pay $4.50 per 350 words through PayPal.

Other sites that can be used for content writing include

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Copy Press


Demand Media

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Get a Copywriter

Writers Needed

Search Science

Words of Worth

London Broker


Plum Deluxe

Search Influence


Student Experts

Article Sale



WL Marketing






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