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Find Out How You Can Make 100 USD a Day From Your Phone.


It is said that ‘money makes the world go round’. Everyone is busy chasing it either for saving, paying bills, paying debts, etc. Getting 100 USD per day in Kenya does not look attainable; however, this article will help you find out how you can make 100 USD a day from your phone.

How do you use your smartphone?

What many people do not know is the smartphone they possess is their gate pass to more money. With the rising cases of unemployment in Kenya today, this gadget can provide many opportunities to earn a decent living in the comfort of your home.

The best thing about it is that you do not need to be a professional to earn online with your phone; what you need is patience, resilience, passion, and persistence.

                                                 A SmartPhone

Earn from your phone

Here are some of how your smartphone can give you money daily.

Paid Surveys, are online surveys that can pay well. However, one needs to understand how it works where to get the survey that will pay. Some will even pay through M-Pesa.

You can also make money from the review of applications. What you do is download the apps and explore their functionalities critically and provide feedback on the identified problems as well as suggesting ways it can be made better. That will earn you money. However, check carefully before you commit because not all feedback is paid for.

Become an online tutor where you teach what are good at and others have difficulty in. For example, you can teach language (like English to children from non-English speaking countries), how to play a musical instrument or a game you are good at, how to cook various dishes, how to braid hair, etc

                                                                                   Be an Online Tutor

Blogging is another way to earn daily even though it is not easy for newbie’s, it gets rewarding when the traffic starts flowing. One can make it a long-term job and therefore polish on the use of SEO skills, marketing, and how to capture the attention of readers.

You can Vlog. Use your phone to create interesting, funny, creative, educative, etc short videos. Usually, they get viral when released on social media. You can get your vlog on YouTube and get subscribers and viewers eventually money.

 E-commerce is another way that your phone can make money for you. You can advertise your products via your phone and sell your products online through the phone. It can help you increase your sales.

With a smartphone, you can also become a freelancer. The opportunities here are many, eg online writing, blogging, content writing, vlogging, consultants, tutoring, etc, and get paid.

Photography; most people use the camera of their phones to take photos for fun. What they do not know is that the same can earn them money every day. What you need to do is take unique, creative pictures with your phone, make a photo gallery and upload them on a website for a price. Creativity and passion will go a long way here.

                Use the phone for Photography

Bottom line

Your smartphone can serve you for communication, education, entertainment, as well as a money minting gadget. Use it to your financial advantage.


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