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If you are looking to venture into content writing, here are the best sites for you.


Content writing is a skill which involves keen research about a particular content on the internet and then writing about it

 And even editing it for web advertising. As easy as it sounds, some sites can help you in becoming a great content writer as this practice needs passion and excellent language and research mastery skills. This article will focus on these sites.


Skillshare found in New York in September 2010, is an American website where you could learn various categories of content writing. These include; creative arts, lifestyle and technology, design and entrepreneurship. Through subscribing to their courses, you could enjoy both premium and free packages. Interestingly, each of their courses shows the number of people who take them and through that, a new member could take a course according to its popularity according to how many people are taking it.


Founded in 2010, Udemy is an American content learning platform which offers its courses in more than 65 languages. Depending on your expertise, you can choose a level ranging from beginner, intermediate or expert.

 Every course has its rating which can help you to know which the most sought course which is an advantage is. They also offer both premia and paid accounts.


Having partnered with 7 universities from Brazil to Pennsylvania in the United States, Coursera is an online learning website which guarantees you the awarding of credentials from the different universities they have partnered with. Their courses come in 6 different languages. You are also given the choice of owning a paid or a premium account each with its variant differences. As one would least expect, the premium account is quite affordable thus, it is worth checking it out.


Equipped with hundreds of courses to choose from, you can get all the information you need on various courses of content writing from this website. Most of these tutorials, come in audio-visual mode. Lynda has 3 levels of skills to choose from which are beginner, intermediate and expert. Also, there is the option of the use of various soft wares such as Microsoft Word and WordPress.

The Uni Square blog

This website is different from other sites in that, it specializes in displaying resourceful content that can be used to gain knowledge of content writing. The site gives tips on becoming a professional content writer. This means that you don’t have to pay to learn about content writing as all the information you need is freely displayed on the uni square blog.

Conclusively, it is right to say that content writing is a vast topic which has a lot of online courses. Fortunately, these websites listed above are a good resource for learning content writing. When choosing which site to subscribe to all you have to do is compare prices, reviews, duration to course learning and languages offered to suit your needs. Passion is also key to becoming a great content writer.


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