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If you are a ghostwriter, here are jobs you might find interesting


A ghostwriter is hired to write works of various kinds but gets no recognition for the work. The work is credited to another party as the official author. Ghost writing is a perfectly legal activity and is slowly but surely growing as an income earner for many writers. Ghost writing is not for the faint of heart. You will need to work at building a good reputation and growing your skills. Unlike other forms of content writing, this one is less widespread. You are also not allowed to share your work on online platforms. This maintains your anonymity as the author. If you are a ghostwriter, here are jobs you might find interesting.


Autobiographies are books where the author is the main focus. As a ghostwriter it is easier to write someone else’s story as you have an objective outlook on things. You also have the advantage of having direct and honest communication with the subject person. This can help you deliver a more sincere portrayal of the events to be published. Famous people and more so political figures are known to use ghostwriters for their autobiographies.

Business voices for executives

Many business professionals use ghostwriters. This has become so commonplace that some business executives have contracted ghostwriters. A lot of the publications they give are probably done by a ghostwriter. The main reason for this is that most business executives are occupied with official responsibilities and duties. This leaves them with little time to write quality content. Whether it is official letters or business proposals, they hire ghostwriters. You will find it quite interesting to write for executives. It is also a good way to acquire top-notch writing skills.

Speech writing

This is a special place in the ghostwriting community. Speechwriters are some of the most sought after and well-paid ghostwriters anywhere in the world. This is because their work is going to be presented to large groups of people. The speeches they write can also make or break the careers of those delivering them. As an example, politicians vying for office will hire ghostwriters to make them the best speech possible. This is to endear them to the crowd. As a speechwriter you will have to find the right words to get the people to your side. If you are able to land good speechwriting gigs, be prepared for tough work with good pay.

Tech brands

Tech enterprises use ghostwriters to reach people and make them aware of their products. Tech enterprises are not very good at communicating to customers. Like any other enterprise branding and marketing are essential. Many tech companies are more focused on production rather than message-driven marketing. As a ghostwriter you will have to understand the product and brand. You will then have to write a consumer-friendly message about it. You will have to find a way of making the technology easier for humans.


These are but a few of the many ghostwriting jobs you can find. If you are interested in ghostwriting, these jobs are a good place to start.


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