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How To Make Money Through Online Surveys


Online surveys also know as internet surveys is a practice where a set of questions are outlined for the survey about a certain product, service, or brand and the target audience is encouraged to give its response via the company’s website or their personal email address. The main purpose of the online survey is to collect data and use this information to decide where to change or improve a good or a service. In this article we will put a light in how to make money through online surveys and the steps involved.


When you want to participate in a paid online survey and make some money all you need is to find a good eligible site, register, and start your surveys. For most people, the easiest way to make money online is through online surveys. All you have to do is answer some questions and give your honest opinion. These surveys take a short amount of time and you don’t need special skills or qualifications to participate. However, before you start the surveys make sure you have a good reliable internet or Wi-Fi network. It’s also important to note that, the more surveys you take the more the money and other rewards.

Steps to Making Money Through Online Surveys

  1. Its advisable you create a new email account purposely for this work. Do not use your official email as this will probably lead to confusion from an influx of emails.
  2. Join a good number of sites. The more the survey sites you are working for the higher your money rewards.
  3. Ensure you complete all surveys from those which have little rewards to those with bigger rewards. You should not be choosy. The little rewards added overtime will add up to a bigger reward.
  4. Have a specific time set aside solely for completing your surveys each day.
  5. Never provide false information in a survey. Always be honest at all times.
  6. For common details such as your name, address and other information, enable your device’s AutoComplete Function to avoid repetition save time.
  7. Avoid sharing sensitive information in your survey website or through email. Do not share a bank account number or any other private details.

Types Of Online Paid Surveys

  1. Brand Recognition Survey

These are surveys where companies want to know more about their brand prestige in the public eye. Smartphones, Cars, and shoe brands often want to know whether you trust their brands, how often you buy their products, how often you see their advertisement on TV Channels and online ads, and what you think about their new products.

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Businesses that offer services and hospitality are mostly interested to know the level of satisfaction their customers get from them. This prompts them to set online questionnaires where clients can express their satisfaction or disappointment with their services. When you take this surveys you are either rewarded with cash or with points which you can redeem later. A good example of a site you can do this on is MintVine.

  • Product Appeal Surveys

Product appeal surveys deal with getting data on how certain products such as household items are viewed in public eyes. These Surveys will ask you questions like how often do you use the product? how often do you buy it? what do you like most about it? what would you want them to add or remove? etcetera. A good example of a site offering this is Harris Poll Online.

  • Science, Technology, and Market Research Surveys

These surveys pay you to get information on how you, your friends, and family perceive a certain technological or scientific item. These items range from mobile phones, new apps to upgrades on a computer or software. You may be given a free trial of the item in question and then be requested to give your honest feedback about it. A good site to get this type of survey is Swagbucks.


Online surveys won’t earn you a lot of money and they definitely won’t make you rich. However, if you have some free time, it’s advisable to put it to good use and earn some money instead of binge-watching another boring movie. Keep in mind the more the surveys you undertake, the more the rewards and monetary benefits.


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