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How to make money online fast and free


There are many ways of making money using the internet. Find below, 8 ways on how to make money online fast and free. All you need is a little time and you will have loose change in your pocket. You do not have to be a financial guru to succeed in this.

  1. Take online surveys

You can make money responding to online surveys, especially if you are a student and have some time on your hands. Filling the required forms usually takes just a few minutes. There are many companies that would like to know your opinion about their products and services, and are willing to pay for it. This will not make you rich, but it will provide you with spare change to take care of some of your most immediate needs. In addition, or instead of the cash, the companies provide gift items for responding to their surveys. Some companies will even pay you just for surfing the web, watching videos and playing games.

  • Trading markets online

Today, thanks to YouTube, you can teach yourself many skills and crafts. Get rid of trading through brokers who have to receive a commission from you. Trade online for yourself and keep all the profits. Be careful and research to find out the best and legitimate companies to trade with. Trading is risky, whether with a broker or by yourself. Do not lose your money.

  • Reviewing websites and apps

Turn your web browsing skills into money! Get paid by platforms that reward everyday people to review all kinds of websites. Each review will only take about 20 minutes of your time. You will be paid about US$10, which you can collect through Paypal or other payment apps. You simply sign up, complete a test review and start receiving websites for your perusal.

  • Be a delivery rider or driver

All you need is your smartphone, a bicycle and or a car. At a fee, companies are looking for people to deliver items, food, people, etc. in their free time, to destinations they may not be able to reach themselves. Sign up to delivery companies and wait for that call, or call them when time allows. The job allows you total flexibility as you work when you want.

  • Become an affiliate marketer

This works best if you have a good presence on social media sites. You can promote companies’ services and products to your friends, colleagues and acquaintances by sharing a link with them. Every time they purchase a product or service, you get a commission. Get your affiliate link from the companies of your choice, share and start promoting.

  • Teach online

This has become easier than ever. There are more tutoring sites that will enable you to reach students willing to learn what you have to share. With the internet, the audience is global. You can teach anything, from anywhere, from how to plant vegetables in sacks to how to make bread using potato flour. The list is endless. Get paid for your knowledge. You choose the most convenient teaching platform for you and the students. The teaching can be individual-based, or for groups.

  • Freelancing

You can become an online writer, a social media influencer, start a blog post or be a transcriptionist, among other things and get paid for it. You will have freedom of whom to work with globally, and you can also work from anywhere and at your own time. You will need a laptop and good internet connection.

  • Sell your stuff online

Get rid of all the stuff that you do not need or use anymore, by selling them online. Ensure they are in good condition for sale. Determine how much you need for each item and advertise it on social media sites for people to know what is on offer.

To earn money fast and free online, keep your eyes and ears open to what is happening on the internet and you will soon discover many more opportunities available, with no sign-up or subscription fees required.


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