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How to become a freelance web developer


A freelance web developer is someone who works on a contractual basis on the website of clients. Being a freelance web developer, you bring the client’s vision into reality. Here is a straightforward guide on how to become a freelance web developer:

1.    Get trained and discover your niche  

You first have to get training on becoming a freelance web developer. As soon as you complete the course, identify the niche that you are at best. Choosing a niche means the industry or field that you can specialize in web development. Many people aim at being web developers, so to stand out, you need to be an expert.

Additionally, focus on the underlying technology of the niche. So, when marketing yourself as a web developer, you will be categorized as the best in that particular field.  

2.    Create your portfolio website

Now that you have specialized in the niche and trained on being a freelance web developer, it is time to build your brand. You make your brand by creating a portfolio website. It is the website that contains your profile and a platform that you will use to market your work.

Once you have created your website and you have ensured that it is up and running, fill it and make it eye-catching. It is achieved by filling it with the best works you have done before and ensure it depicts the niche that you are at best. Ensure it has your contact info so it may be easy for your clients to reach you. 

3.    Marketing your brand

You now have to make your work public and to stand out among the crowd. In how to become a freelance web developer, making your name visible is an uphill task. Well, nothing comes easy, so you have to go for it and claim it as it is yours.

The internet is your best resource material, so make good use of it. There are so many marketing websites, identify one, and use it to your advantage. With our website in place, you get to showcase your work, build a network, and blog like an expert. Ensure that you post your website in as many social media platforms as possible so you can be reachable.

4.    Building your portfolio

Now you have a portfolio, but you don’t have experience. Experience is what builds your portfolio. You have to be patient and humble for this one. As a newbie, not many clients will want to be associated with you.

Therefore, you can start by being a charitable web developer. Create websites for those who want websites but cannot afford to pay a freelancer. As you get to work with them, you are learning and practicing your skill. Ask them to write for you a recommendation then add that to your portfolio, and that is how you create your C.V.

5.    Maintaining and excelling your skill

Up to this far, you have all of the above, now maintain your position and even go higher. Get projects even though some may look challenging, make Google your friend. Don’t be afraid of tackling any query or programming issue. Be brave and work on it and ensure you meet your client’s demands. Deliver quality services and on time. One client will open doors to other clients.

Final Word

How to become a freelance web developer is not complicated. Just be willing and ready to learn. Start by getting trained, finding your best niche, then create and maintain your portfolio. That way, you don’t lose clients, and you will be good to go.


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