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How Google Can be an Extra Source of Income for you


Having quite large streams of income can greatly result to higher level of finances. It can benefit you by increasing your investments, clearing off the debts, saving, and so many on. One of which you can generate the income is through Google. Now the question that will run in your minds is How Google Can be an Extra Source of Income for you?

How Google Can be an Extra Source of Income for you.

The question that keeps you wondering is how Google can be your source of income. The answer you will have it after going through the article. You should start by knowing that Google not only generates income through the sharing of stocks but it also partners with major traders in the business world to advertise their products and some advertisers. The answer to your question is starting to reveal itself.

As the world is growing technologically, you should also grow by working online. Make your revenue beyond your normal work just as Google. Google builds up there revenue in Google Pay, Google Analytics, Google Ads and AdSense. Here is how Google earns through Google Pay, Google Analytics, Google Ads and AdSense.

Google Pay

It was initially known as Google Wallet or Google Checkout. It was designed in such a way buying goods and services to be easier.

 The customer used to create an account and fills in the card number which Google stores the credential secure. The customers make the payments online and Google gives you virtual account number for your transaction. More people registering through Google Pay the more the income.

Google Ads

This is other way Google generates its income. With this, the advertisers post ads of business related, product or services.

The advertiser should post the trending in the world and the information should be catchy and very informative. The more people click on your ads the more the income generated.

Google AdSense

This is similar to Google Ads, but the difference is that instead of posting the ads on a Google SERP, a webmaster chooses to integrate ads onto a site. You need to create an AdSense account, and all your posts will be associated with your account. With this, when the users click on your search post you get a share of the revenue that Google earns. Remember the more clicks you get on your post the more revenue you earn

Google Analytics

So far many people working online use Google Analytics to monitor their performance and trends of their post. You are advised to use Google Analytics on Google Ads and Google AdSense to help you manage track the traffic on your site.

Keeping track of the specific traffics helps you re-invent and while re-inventing our can earn yourself more revenues. The more you know your traffics and re-invent them the more the chances you get to earn.

In conclusion to all the information learned, you have known how Google can help you earn source of income. With Google Pay you don’t need to carry your card, you only need to do transaction with the Google Pay and get your services. For Google Ads and AdSense you only need more clicks in your post and stand a chance to earn more.

Lastly, for Google Analytics you need to re-invent your post for more earnings.


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