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Here are the Top 10 Best Survey Sites


A survey is an outreach for information for statistical purposes. There are however many reasons as to why a business, organization or a company may wish to conduct a survey which may include formulating hypothesis on their development and growth of their various sectors. With the advancement in technology to a more sophisticated level, physical surveys are not highly anticipated. Instead, people conduct online surveys with their preferable sites which they highly confide in for quality results. Conducting surveys online is highly advocated for mainly because it saves time and it is easier to conduct. Here are the top 10 best survey sites:

  • Survey Junkie
  • InboxDollars
  • Swagbucks
  • LifePoints
  • Branded Surveys
  • Vindale Research
  • MyPoints
  • Pinecone Research
  • Ipsos I-SayPanel
  • OneOpinion

Survey Junkie

This site is the most preferred by people who take paid surveys. It provides a variety of surveys and for this reason,one can never run out of surveys to conduct. On a successful completion of a survey, a person earns points which are cumulated and their equivalence in cash paid to the surveyor. It is also easy to register as a person can do so using either their email,google or Facebook accounts. It uses Paypal or eGift cards to pay their customers and can only withdrawal their cash once it sums up to ten dollars which is equal to 1000 points.


The site offers quite a number of surveys in a day which allows one to choose from. Though it does not pay well for its surveys,a person could end up making a good amount by conducting several surveys daily. It also provides other ways to earn money like playing games online and downloading coupons. It provides an easier interface to sign up and a simple procedure.A survey on this site goes on for up to $5 where one can only withdrawal atleast $30. It uses checks,giftcards or prepaid VISA as payment methods.


This site allows you to watch videos, search web or shop online other than conducting paid surveys. It is easier to sign up and login.It offers a variety of surveys in a day. A complete survey will you earn one $0.40-$2 and the minimum amount to withdraw is $3 for gift cards and $25 for paypal. Those are also the payment methods.


It is highly used by people and it has no complications in signing up and login. It provides many surveys which are easy to tackle. Payment method used is Paypal and least amount to cash out is $20. A well completed survey goes for $0.60-$1.

Branded Surveys

This platform provides a surveys that take a very short time to complete. Once a person registers with them, they earn earn free 50 points. It is easier to navigate the whole site. It has three levels and in which level upgrade depends on the credits you collect. They are Bronze,Silver and Gold. Payment method is Paypal or Gift cards while the minimum amount to withdraw is $10. On average, a survey goes for up to 300 points($3)

Vindale Research

Uses cash to pay its clients instead of points. A paid survey is worth $0.50-$5 whereby one gets paid through Paypal and can only withdrawal an amount exceeding $50.


One earns a gift card for taking a survey and can get cards even when they do not qualify for a survey. The minimum amount to withdraw is $3 and average payout per survey is $2.50. Payment is done through Gift cards.

Pinecone Research

This site provides a platform for many people to interact. There are quite a number of surveys one can find in the site. The only challenge is that it is not accessible in all countries.A survey is worth atleast $3 which must sum up to $3 to reach cash out level. Payment method is Paypal,Check or VISA gift card.

Ipsos I-say Panel

It is comparatively one the largest online survey sites and offers a pretty low reward.One can atleast withdraw $10 for giftcards,$15 for Paypal or VISA. Average payout is $0.10-$1 and payment method is either Paypal of Gift card.


This platform allows one to earn points by completing a survey where 1000 points equals to $1. A person must have a Gift card to be able to receive payment and can only an amount above $25. A survey goes for $1-$5 on average.


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