Online jobs are the means that people use In order to earn income using the available  technology, these may be through mobile phones ,tablets,  landlines, phones which are well equipped with data or WIFI without going to a particular location. They are mainly done from home. University students have been seen to be earning through these. Most of them have engaged and are being paid per page some good amount of money. Thus makes most youth to be young and rich before starting to look for jobs.

They can be done anywhere .One needs to have determination, enough time, focus, trained staff and adequate capital In order to be able to start up the business.

Examples of Home Online Jobs Include Online writing ,sales and marketing, ,advertisements and also Telecommunication. Writing  jobs being the main mode to earn online, enables a person to earn money through researching on a certain topic ,avoiding  plagiarism  content and being able to use your own interpretation to finish up your assignment to beat the suggested deadline. .Examples of writing accounts include Kenya Writers which is the leading in Kenya, Study  bay ,I writer ,Quality writers and after a research a person is able to receive earnings through   Mpesa, ,Pay Pall and also banks while at home.

Here is an image of the most trending typing job:

Nevertheless,  telecommunications is also a fancy remote and flexible working place. it uses telecommunications technology at ones own location of interest.  It is mainly known as cyber commuting, and .  is being adopted in many organisations to reduce the cost of production rather than to increase profits.  The  employees also escape transport costs and this enables a person to save more. Here is an image illustrating how it’s done :


Moreover, there  are many other businesses that can be done from home. This can be Sales and  marketing ,or graphic designs and also boosting one’s business through the promotion of cookies where by people get to earn through viewing of ads. A person can also advertise a particular good online and get a customer to sell the product much easier.

Advantages of online jobs:

There is completely no office distractions for example from fellow employees or unbeneficial  meetings .It also allows for a person to save money as  a person does not need to spend on travels or take lunch which must be very expensive in working places.  There  are also power naps where a person can sleep  when too tired to handle work and later on get to do the work. It also enables more time with family and loved ones, a person can forget crowds and traffic which may enhance spread of diseases like Covid 19 while reducing stress at the same time.

Disadvantages include :

It diminishes socialisation and public relations as a person does his or her own work alone.  There  is willpower, where  by a person may concentrate more on Twitter and Instagram page while his or her own project is pending.  A  person may also put much concentration on the project and miss important calls or urgent  emergencies .Also in some jobs there are problems of security concerns where by a person may be required some amount of  money without being sure of it. So people should always be careful when handling such jobs.

Security concerns.

The government has been put in place to cub insecurity, illegal business. A good writing company must have a certified copy of registration so as to show the business is not scam. Although some have fake copies and so a person should be extra careful before doing this jobs.

In conclusion,  think these are the safest ways to earn online but typing jobs are the most common but a person should be very careful because some are scam. People should be emulated to try such jobs to earn money and thus the peoples standards of living are improved.


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