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Good Typing Jobs for Beginners that Pay Well



Becoming a typist is a very good opportunity more so for people with accurate and fast skills, typing job can be your full time or part-time. All you need is to practice, this means you should keep on improving on your touch typing skills every day. Below are some of the good typing jobs for beginners that pay well.

Some of the Typing Jobs

  1. Secretarial Work

Here the main duty for a secretary is to answer emails, organizing events for an organization, running of social media accounts such as Facebook, and in general, they maintain calendars for an organization.

  • Data Entry in the System

For an organization to improve on their marketing they need to advertise their services online, this can help them reach a good number of people from far places. They also need to enter or store their information in the system for future reference.

  • Copy Editor

Here the key thing is time. All you need is to be faster and being accurate. Since the world has become digital, most educational private institutions such as primary schools teach students how to type on the keyboard. For this to happen, the institution must employ skilled typists.

  • Transcriptionist

This is one of the best typing jobs for a beginner. It involves the recording of academic details for the student in an institution. Most learning institutions need a transcript to help them in the documentation of student’s marks, grades, and courses taken.

How to be a Better Typist

  1. Eliminate the habit of looking at the keyboard when typing

 The more you look at the keyboard without considering the monitor, the higher chances of making mistakes so it’s better to concentrate on the monitor than the keyboard to avoid wasting time editing at the end.

  1. Practice daily

 This not just means practicing but instead, it’s all about practicing correctly.

  1. Love your Work and be Comfortable

Ensure to have a good sitting posture by sitting straight and put your fingers on the keyboard.

Benefits of Typing Jobs

  • Earning Powers in Your Hands

 This generally means the more you type, the more you gain or you earn.  Some clients or organizations prefer payment by the assignment you do rather than by the hour, this means if you are faster enough you will end up doing more assignments in less time.

  • Typing Job has no Insurance

The good thing with these jobs is that they are different from other jobs since they have no medical or health insurance.

  • Ability to Schedule your Work

Typing jobs allow workers to schedule their work but within the deadlines. This means work is flexible so long as you meet deadlines.


Therefore, as a beginner you need to put your mind on what you want to achieve as a typist as this job requires no fee to get skills, it only needs you to be responsible. Remember excellent typists earn better pay from their work.


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