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Freelance jobs for academic report writers


Freelance online writing jobs are assigned to qualified writers by clients for payment. Mostly, clients can be leading magazines, newspapers, big and small companies and corporate bodies. Writers are paid as per assignment given. A writer can work for several clients and receive his or her dues as per agreement.

What is an academic report?

A report is specific information with factual evidence which is presented to a certain audience .The report tries to analyze a certain issue or problem and thereafter give recommendations on how to solve it. The report must be presented in a clear structure for easier audience’ synthesis. The writer can use headings and sub-headings for easier location of information from any part of the text. Freelance academic report writers are given instructions to follow while drafting their texts. Instructions may vary from the report length, format and specific information to be enclosed therein.

Qualities of a good academic report

1) It should present and analyze facts that are required by the given instruction(S).

2) It should be acknowledged and referenced as per given instructions.

3) It should not be copied from another source to avoid plagiarism.

4) Information should be presented in a logical and coherent order.

5) It should have a good conclusion which is adequately evidenced and tie-up the entire report.

6) It should make wise and real recommendation to the given issue or a problem.

After considering the above mentioned characteristics, it is important to use the suitable format or structure in drafting given report.

Structure of  an academic report

A good academic report should and have the following components:

1) Title page —It shows the purpose of drafting that report. Likewise, it will show the name of the writer, date of writing it and the recipient(s) of the report.

2) Terms of reference—-This section indicates the target audience of the report, the reason for drafting it and brief explanation on the methods used in drafting the report. The writer can opt to use subtitles or can use a single paragraph.

3) Abstract (summary). ——-This section briefly explains the report’s content, objectives of the report, report’s findings and report’s recommendations.

4) Table of contents—–This section lists chapters or headings and their page numbers. This helps the readers to locate any part of report easily.

5)Introduction——-The writer should clearly explain the objective of the report, highlight problems encountered while compiling it, briefly describe methods of collecting information  and give any necessary background history.

6) Methods of data collection—-The writer will briefly describe how the data was collected, equipments used, and preparations during gathering of information, problems encountered and sources of information.

7) Results—–This section shows the report’s findings. The writer may use necessary diagrams, graphs and tables that support the report’s topic.  Evidence should be analyzed in reference to the issue or problem highlighted in the report. In some instances, the writer might use headings and sub-headings if the body is lengthy. Sources of information should be well acknowledged and referenced.

8) Conclusion—–The writer in this section can give an overview of the entire report using the main points. New information should not be introduced here.

9) Appendices——This section highlights unpublished illustrations used in the report. These may include tables, graphs, questionnaires, surveys and transcripts. Appendices are referred in the body of the report.

10) Bibliography——This section shows the list of authors and titles of published work used for referencing.

11) Acknowledgements——Here the writer may thank an individual or an organization that helped in report writing.

12) Glossary of technical terms—–The writer here will give meaning of technical terms used. Likewise the writer will give full meaning of acronyms, abbreviations and standard scientific units used.

In conclusion, freelance online academic report writers must: first, understand report’s brief, then they should know how to gather information,  then organize the information in logical manner, analyze the information at hand, write the report, review and redraft it, present the report and get the audience feedback. If the freelance online academic report writers follow the above mentioned guidelines, then the purpose of the report will be effectively achieved.


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